Being a successful entrepreneurial woman in today’s world is not an easy task. You have to constantly prove yourself and work twice as hard just to make it. We have come a long way though compared to not so long ago when being a woman in business wasn’t even a possibility. Now, we have women who are launching their own businesses and who are CEOs of top companies. Although it’s not always easy and as women, we constantly face a lot of challenges in the workforce, we live in a world where being a women entrepreneur has become a possibility. This is why we have decided to put together a list of Montreal’s most influential women who are also entrepreneurs under thirty. So sit back, take a look and be impressed. Who knows, you might even get inspired and decide to launch your own company!

Samantha Regimbal

This incredible woman takes #Girlboss to a whole new level! Owner of What’s Up, which originally started in Montreal’s West Island, Samantha has managed to launch the largest community platform in Montreal. She has now expanded to six other locations, some in Canada and has even managed to expand all the way to the Caribbean. As if this wasn’t enough, she also manages a bath & body company called “Sugar & Spice with love” alongside her sisters. Watch out for her name because she is sure to take over the world!


Sasha Goreshtein


Founder of Shop Vixen, an online boutique that specializes in casual and evening wear, Aleksandra (Sasha) has managed to make her store rise up to the top as one of the most popular boutiques. She has made a reputation for herself as being the Queen of e-commerce with her unique and authentic style.



Elisabeth Rioux

Elisabeth sure knows how to use Instagram to her advantage! With over 1.2 million followers on her social media, she’s used her influence to launch HOAKA, a swimwear and movement company. She’s a loving advocate so she uses her company to bring body image awareness and self-confidence. She’s also a Quebecois entrepreneur who managed to build an overnight international empire. Can we say #bossgirlgoals?


Arielle Beaudin

A true female advocate, this little lady is the owner of, a non-profit organization and entrepreneurial hub that encourages women to become business owners.



Jacklyn & Leanna Hefter

These two social powerhouses have joined forces to create Social Movement, a platform that is designed to help clients with marketing/brand strategy and get influencers. These twin sisters are growing their company constantly to be up to date as social media keeps evolving. They’ve also started taking over Toronto when they opened offices there recently.



Chrissy Sgourakis

If you’ve been to a Montreal event in the last year, then you’ve probably heard of Haute Balloon. Owner Chrissy Sgourakis has managed to climb the social media ladder all the way to the top as one of the top names in event planning with her personalized accessory line. Young and passionate, this is just the beginning for her.

Samantha Kris

Coach, Speaker, and Author of Bossing Up, Samantha Kriss helps entrepreneurs turn their goals into action plans that last. Being featured on Global News and several other Media, she is sharing her approach to what it takes to be a leader and her best practices when it comes to growing your business. She also recently traveled to Africa to empower women entrepreneurs.




Estera Kostardjan

The first e-commerce that has all black fashion brand, Estera launched 8LACK Official. She’s collaborated with several top brands to bring her vision to life of having one place where you can shop all black apparel. Her motivation and pursuit for success are inspiring women all over the world to not give up on your dreams. #girlboss

Aiesha Robinson

Aiesha is the perfect example of rising above adversity and turning something negative into positive. Being diagnosed with a skin disease at the age of eighteen, she decided to start living life in a positive matter. This is how she came to launch her non-profit organization Born to Rise to help people overcome obstacles life throws them.

Alexandra Toulch

Being in the entertainment industry since the age of 16, Alexandra is the owner of REBL House, a video production and digital media agency. She originally started REBL while getting her B.A. in Communications.  She’s turned it into a success that now includes high profile clients such as L’Oreal, Brown Shoes and NHL player P.K. Subban.



Beverly Bellevue

This fashion diva has always had a passion for fashion from a very young age. After getting her B.A. in design, she interned four months in New York with Jean-Paul Gauthier prior to founding her own company Be.U. Stylists. A non-conventional school for future fashionistas, Beverly intends to make fashion accessible throughout the world for anyone who has intentions to pursue a career as a stylist.