If you’ve seen the news lately you’ve probably heard of the huge lawsuit Videotron is filing against Bell. The $78.5-million lawsuit is based on the fact that Videotron is accusing their long-time rival Bell of violating Quebec’s consumer protection law. By hiring sales representatives that exploit a loophole, Bell has the opportunity to not provide potential clients with written contracts at the door if the services are finalized at a distance.

Bell doesn’t have a permit

The sales reps that Bell has hired to go door to door don’t have the required permits to be able to sell their services. This is another violation on top of several that Bell has done against Quebec’s consumer protection law. On top of not having proper permits, Bell sellers are also calling other representatives so they can gather all the information for the order and finalize the contract. By doing so, the requirement for having a written contract signed by the new customer prior to providing the services is non-existent.

Videotron at a disadvantage

The reason why Videotron is upset in regards to Bell’s actions is that it’s putting them at a significant disadvantage in the Bell VS Videotron competition. Bell now has a huge advantage with this new way of doing business and getting more clients which is an extreme inconvenience for Videotron. It’s no wonder that once they heard wind of Bell’s new take of promoting their services Videotron wasted no time in filing an 11-page statement at the Quebec Superior Court.

No comment

When asked about how they felt in regards to the lawsuit that Videotron has filed against them, Bell has stated that they have no comments. Seeing as this will be dealt at court, they have come to the wise decision to keep this between their respective lawyers and the court of law until the case is finalized and a decision is made.

Be sure to read the news regularly to follow-up on the outcome of this lawsuit.