Since Canada passed its law about legalization cannabis on October 17th, a lot of people are wondering how this will affect the black market. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that his goal of legalizing cannabis was to not have people put money in the pockets of criminals. He wanted the government and the country to benefit since it would be taxed. Therefore more beneficial for Canada’s economy and less money going towards the black market. However, it looks like the plan might have backfired.

limitations imposed by quebec

Quebec has put in place that cannabis can only be purchased at government-approved stores. That being said, people are limited as to where they can purchase it. Not only has the provincial government put in place a law where you can only purchase marijuana at the SQDC, but there is also a limit on how much you can purchase. Already people are feeling limited on how much and where they can purchase marijuana. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he would be legalizing cannabis in Canada, Quebec was the first to oppose. Therefore, it came to no surprise when it was announced that Quebec would be putting stricter laws for the legal purchase of marijuana.

more for less

With only a maximum purchase of 30 grams at once, it’s no wonder why people are still turning to their local dealers. The black market doesn’t impose any limits on how much you can purchase at the same time. Not only that, but they are willing to meet you anywhere. Even at your home if you request it! So obviously those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis will still go and see their dealers. It just doesn’t make any sense for them to go and purchase it legally at the SQDC. Also, their dealer is selling it cheaper. Let’s not forget that one of Prime Minister Trudeau’s main goals by legalizing cannabis was to make a profit. So it’s obvious that the purchase of marijuana won’t be cheap. Especially in Quebec where they made a huge point on how they were against it.

quebec not making it easy for dealers to do it legally

Several dealers have inquired about how they can become part of the new legal market. However, Quebec has made that impossible. The only legal seller of cannabis in Quebec will be through a government-owned monopoly. Meaning that only SQDC can sell it and their suppliers are a handful of big growers who are already operating within the legal medical cannabis system.

black market continues on

It looks like the black market on marijuana won’t be affected anytime soon. People who use it on a regular basis are still going through their dealers. Until more drastic changes are made, the black market lives on.