Ever since Airbnb has launched its services, it’s been nothing but a huge success. People all over the world are rushing to use the app. The prospect of renting a fully furnished place for the amount of time that you want is exciting. What’s interesting however is that Airbnb has started to attract an interesting clientele: Escorts.

Airbnb and Escorts

Escorts all over the world have started using Airbnb to provide their services. Now I know what you’re thinking: Why in the world would escorts be interested in Airbnb? I’ll admit, I was also curious. Which is why I did a bit of research to find out what makes Airbnb so attracting to escorts. After some research, I finally had all the facts and I have to say, it really does make sense.

Better Privacy = More Freedom

Not having to check into a hotel every time to give out your full information, having the cameras track your every move along with the security guards, it gives you more privacy. And let’s face it, if you’re an escort, privacy is the utmost important thing in your line of work. You don’t necessarily want people to be able to identify you and keep track of how many clients you have. You want to keep your job a secret and most importantly, your clients wish to remain private. The fact that you now have the option of renting a place without people keeping track of your every move is pretty ideal. And in some cases, you don’t even have to meet the owners.

More Space – Better Environment

Let’s be honest, if you had to choose between having a room or a whole house to yourself, for the same price, what would you choose? The answer is pretty obvious. Obviously if for the same amount of money, you can have an entire house or condo to yourself as opposed to just a hotel room, why would you choose otherwise? This is one of the reasons why escorts are choosing Airbnb. It gives them more space, their clients are happier because it gives them a better environment and more often then not, the place has more of a luxurious feel.

The fact that an escort can rent a luxurious condo all to herself without having to worry about getting caught or having their client’s identity jeopardized, it’s pretty clever.