Pun intended.

The wave of fitness is upon us. With the cold winter months ahead, everyone is trying to find ways so they can stay healthy and active. Let’s be real though, you’re not going to see us running outside in the cold looking like this:


So, why not make the decision of going to the gym? You’re definitely in the right city for it! Montreal is pro-fitness with many different options. Some of you may be thinking, “But which gym should I go to?”

Well, it depends what your priorities are! Location? Price? Amenities? A combination of all three perhaps? We took the time to do some research for you and come up with the best gyms that will suit all your needs, no matter what they are!


  • Price: $10-25 month
  • Average Equipment
  • Group/Class training
  • Multiple locations in Montreal

This gym is a true bang for your buck. Whether you need the absolute basics or like to customize to a ‘T’ in what you want, this is a great option. It’s super affordable (it’s in the name!). That also means that there are many people who go there during peak hours. So, it’s possible you’ll have to wait a while to get on your machine. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for an affordable gym and don’t mind going early or late, or bearing the crowd, this one is for you!

Website: https://econofitness.ca

Nautilus Plus

Price: $8-55 month depending on how often you workout.

*They GIVE you credit back for each time you workout with them. (That’s dramatic right?! Average monthly price is $16, working out 3 days a week)

  • New Equipment
  • Group Classes/Training
  • A few locations in Montreal

The interesting concept of ‘earning back’ your membership keeps you motivated and saves you money! If you are someone who would benefit from a few central downtown locations and is consistent enough to earn your keep, this might be your best deal all around!

Website: https://www.nautilusplus.com/


Energie Cardio

  • Price: $30-60 month
  • New Equipment
  • Group Classes/Training
  • ‘Women’s Only(Pour Elle)’ Locations
  • Multiple locations in Montreal

A simple concept of well-maintained gyms, customized locations for women and a standard rate. If a hierarchy of prices and a reward system aren’t cutting it for you, perhaps a simple and concise option like Energie Cardio is the one to go with.

Website: https://www.energiecardio.com



  • Price:$40-50 month
  • Average equipment
  • Group Classes/Training
  • Indoor exercise pool
  • Studio space
  • Multiple locations in Montreal

The YMCA is well known for its versatility; gym, basketball courts, squash courts, indoor pool, and dance studios. A standard rate with everything included is just right for someone who likes to do more than lift weights and take classes. This is the social butterfly of gyms! If you appreciate a sense of community, then the Y is an excellent choice.

Website: https://www.ymcaquebec.org

Klub Athletik

  • Price: $40-60 month
  • New Equipment
  • ‘Women Only’ Section
  • Group Classes/Training
  • Located in Griffintown

A customized gym that is one of a kind in Griffintown. With new equipment, custom section and standard but fair rates, there seems to be a great combination of luxury and simplicity! If you have had your run of ‘bang-for-your-bucks’ and franchised businesses that operate it, perhaps KlubAthletik will give you what you’re looking for.

Website: https://www.klubathletik.com/

Monster Gym

  • Price: $24-40 month
  • New Equipment
  • ‘Women Only’ Section
  • Group Classes/Training
  • Located in West Island
  • Open 24/7/365

And the hidden gem (pun intended) award goes to… a custom spot on the West Island that offers quality equipment, availability and fair rates for what you receive in return. If the distance isn’t much of an issue, you’ve got yourself a lively gym with space, classes and an experience all on its own!

Website: http://monstergym.net/

With these recommendations, you’re sure to find your home gym! When in doubt, always call and ask for a day pass! Most gyms accommodate and you will get a feel for the spot you’re about to sign up for. 

Good luck and thank you for coming to my TED talk.