WestJet Airlines says it will suspend all international flights, including to the U.S., for 30 days, beginning this Sunday, March 22.

The final commercially-scheduled, Canada-bound flights taking off from international destinations will leave by 11:59 p.m., local time, that night. After that, the airline said it will operate rescue and repatriation flights in partnership with the Canadian government.

As of Monday night, when the announcement was made, tickets were no longer available for sale for the 30-day period after March 22.

The Calgary-based airline said the goal is to stop sending Canadians out of the country and focus on bringing them home.

The decision came in response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s appeal to Canadians overseas to return home. Over the weekend, Global Affairs Canada also urged Canadians abroad to return while they have the chance because countries around the world are imposing ever-tighter travel restrictions.

WestJet said it’s also lowering prices on remaining seats on flights into Canada and is reducing its domestic flight schedule by 50 percent.