I think it’s safe to say that by the time you finish reading this article, you can safely say that you have truly seen everything in this world. I understand that sometimes there are fashion trends that don’t necessarily make any sense. You know. Like those trends that will have you going “Really? People are actually wearing this in public?”. I’m thinking leggings, crop tops, fishnets, scrunchies, shoulder pads. While we all raised our eyebrows when they first came out, we eventually followed with the trend and got over it.

The “Camel Toe”

However, there are still some trends that we just can’t get over. This newest “fashion trend” is definitely one of them. The underwear that is designed like a “camel toe” is specifically shaped to show the shape of a women’s lady parts even while wearing pants. You heard me. The underwear is purposely designed to emphasize the “va-jay-jay” of women. Why in god’s name people would think that this could even be remotely okay is beyond me. Apparently, the design team behind this latest “trend” if we can even call it that, though it would be more attractive if a women’s private part was emphasized. The underwear looks like any typical underwear would usually look. However, at the front, there are cushions to accentuate the shape of the “va-jay-jay”.

Made in Japan

At the moment, this new underwear model is only available in Japan. However, it won’t be long before this new trend makes it all the way to Europe. Initial reactions to the model were as anyone would expect: negative. People found it to be disturbing, inappropriate and somewhat vulgar. We could not agree more. I mean, can you imagine if the same type of underwear was available for men? How distracting and disturbing would that be? I’m pretty sure that there would be a long list of places that would forbid this underwear, starting with schools for example. Yeah, I think this is definitely a fashion trend that we can all agree and say we can’t wait for it to become a thing of the past.

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