In case you haven’t heard, cannabis officially became legal in Canada on October 17th, 2018. After a long debate and several laws put in place, cannabis is now available to all Canadians. Not all provinces were in agreement with the new law and therefore, some provinces have set their own restrictions. Although Quebec has put in place specific stores that sell cannabis as well as the online purchase, Ontario has strictly prohibited the sale of cannabis in stores. The only way that you can purchase cannabis in Ontario is from the provinces online website.

until legal physical stores open up next year

City inspectors started handing out letters to landlords and dispensary owners outlining potential penalties under the new Cannabis Act.

The city’s Licensing and Standards department, however, has said that of the 92 dispensaries, only 52 have closed down voluntarily.

That being said, not everyone is following those rules.

Toronto goes against province regulations

Unfortunately, it looks like Toronto has gone against its provinces regulation. Marijuana stores are still open all across the city. The province of Ontario clearly states that the only way Canadians can purchase cannabis is through its website. No stores should be selling cannabis. However, some stores in Toronto have decided to copy their eastern neighbor, Quebec.

Police close 5 marijuana stores and more to come<
On Friday, police in Toronto co-ordinated a raid to close down marijuana stores. During the raid, five stores were closed and eight people were charged. Although the eight people were later released, police spokesman Gary Long has confirmed that more stores who are selling marijuana will be closed. Police have joined forces with the city to close those discrepancies so no stores that are selling marijuana remain open.
official pardons were given

Ontario police have agreed to give an official pardon to stores who were selling marijuana if they closed down before the legalization on October 17th. Those who did would still be able to apply for the provincial retail licenses. Although some decided to follow those rules and closed up shop before Wednesday, October 17th, not everyone agreed. So far, only five stores were shut down by Toronto police.

“Those who choose to stay open are doing so at their own risk”.