We get it. Social distancing is getting harder and harder to do. There’s only so much you can do, and the people you love are really starting to miss you. You want to see them, you’re dying for a reunion, but you also don’t want to risk their health or yours. To help make the ache a little easier, we have some great social distancing tips that we believe will help make things easier for you. Try out these tips and let us know what you think in the comments.

Zoom Meetings

You’ve probably been in your fair share of zoom meetings if you’re working from home and need to have those weekly team meetings. However, whoever said zoom meetings were only good for work? Have your friends and family download the app on their phone or computer and check in every now and then. You can do a little 5@7 virtually. Or why not have a nice Sunday brunch with the whole family through zoom or any other digital software that allows it. Yes it won’t be the same then actually being there in person, but it’s better than nothing. Don’t hate it ’til you try it!

Mario Party with the Family & Friends

Thanks to technology, you can now play videogames with people you know online. Whether it’s Mario Party, League of Legends or any other great video games, have fun. If your friends and family have the equipment, make it a game night and put each other on speaker while you play and have fun.

Netflix & Chill

Thanks to Netflix, you can now watch with your friends and family the same show / movie at the same time and comment over the phone about it. Don’t Netflix & Chill on your own. Make some great snacks or order takeout, call your best friend and watch Netflix together.

Meet Up at a Distance

If the ache really gets hard and you can’t take it anymore, meet in a public area that’s not too crowded and stay at a distance. It’s important to stay 2 meters apart for safety reasons. You can even meet up in a parking lot (such as Tim Hortons for example) and park your car next to each other, roll down your windows and talk from the safety of your car. Where there is a will, there is a way. Just make sure to stay safe and respect each others boundaries.

Well, there you have it! Try out these tips and let us know if they’re working for you. Don’t forget to stay safe and wash those hands!