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The most romantic day of the year is just a few days away. For those who are in relationships, it’s great because it means that you’re going to get spoiled and spend a day filled with romance. However, if you’re single, then you are probably dreading Valentine’s Day. Seeing the stores filled with heart balloons and heart shaped chocolate boxes, it’s almost more than you can bear. So what can you do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single? What are some fun activities to do on Valentine’s Day to make you forget that you’re not in a relationship? Don’t worry! We came up with great ideas that will have you celebrating your single status!

Single Person’s Guide on Valentine’s Day

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  • Throw a Single’s Party: invite all your single friends and celebrate your single status.
  • Go to a Strip Club: grab a bunch of your girlfriends and have a wild night at a strip club!
  • Have a Cleansing Ritual: you know the ones you see in movies where the girls are burning their exes pictures and mementos? Why not do one yourself. We promise you will feel better.
  • Have a Spa Day: who said spa days are only for couples? Grab your bestie and go to the spa! Or go alone. Getting pampered will definitely take your mind off your single status.
  • Plan a Weekend Getaway: why not go away to a cottage with your friends? Get away from all the romance and couples.
  • Get Pampered: nothing like getting your hair done and a mani/pedi to lift up your spirits. Who needs a man when you’ve got great hair?
  • Have a Sex & The City Marathon: nothing works better to get you out of your single’s funk then by watching a group of single gals struggling to find love. And off course, who doesn’t love Sex & The City?
  • Take yourself out on a Shopping Spree: what better way to prove to yourself that you don’t need a man in your life to buy you things?
  • Babysit your nieces/nephews: give their parents a much deserved date night and be the cool aunt by watching after the kids. Plus, you’ll get to spend some quality time with them.
  • Do what makes you happy: this day is all about you. So do what makes you happy. Whether that’s watching Disney movies, stuffing your face with chocolate until your heart’s content or spending the night in pj’s eating takeout, do what makes you happy.
Visitors Coverage Winter Banners Version 1 Visitors Coverage Winter Banners Version 1

And there you have it ladies! Your Single’s Guide on how to spend VDay. If you have any suggestions, make sure to add them in the comments!

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