If there’s one food that divides the entire population, it’s cilantro.

To some, it’s a distinctive flavor that takes any dish from bland to delicious. But to others, it’s a truly disgusting, soapy tasting concoction that can ruin any good meal. Apparently, it comes down to genetics, but either way, it’s one of the most divisive issues online – and there’s now a Facebook group to prove it.

I Hate Coriander is the internet’s premier destination for cilantro-haters. It’s filled with hilarious posts taking down the controversial herb and has become so popular that you can even buy merch for the (oddly specific) distaste. We’ve picked the thirty funniest memes from the group for your scrolling pleasure. Enjoy!

Some memes depict the relief of avoiding the dreaded herb.

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Sometimes, living life hating cilantro can feel as though you’re constantly on edge – which can really bring about moments of sweet relief.
The day to day struggles.

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Ordering food without cilantro can be tricky – especially since often people don’t appreciate the seriousness of your request.

It’s all too easy for the request to go ignored.

And when you find out that your food has been contaminated, there’s really no coming back from that.

It seems like even some grocery stores share this point of view.

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Unless this is a bit of clever editing, it seems like some feel so strongly about their cilantro stance that they can’t help but spread the word.

The page is also a valuable source of knowledge.

Cilantro has a relative who looks alarmingly similar.

And it seems that parsley can often lull cilantro-haters into a false sense of security, tricking them into ingesting some of their least favorite herbs.