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Photoshop fails go to the movies: The worst film posters of all time

Movie posters are used the world over to advertise upcoming films. There are countless iconic posters throughout history that do an amazing job of grabbing your attention. Then there are posters that grab your attention, but for the completely wrong reasons. We are talking about Photoshop fails. It’s no secret that the appearance of actors and actresses is “altered” on posters, but some just take the biscuit.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some the of the funniest, unbelievable and downright bizarre movie poster Photoshop fails.

Aquaman (2018)

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In 2018, promotion started for the Aquaman film with this Tweet appearing online. The internet quickly realized the sharks in the background had been copied in from Getty images and they set about making their own versions. One of which included a mass of Disney characters making cameo appearances

The Boss (2016)

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Here’s another example (it won’t be the last, trust us) of when airbrushing goes too far. Melissa McCarthy doesn’t need any help looking young, but whoever made this poster obviously felt she needed a touch-up

Logan (2016)

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Logan was an absolute marvel of a film and provided a fitting farewell for Hugh Jackman as our favorite clawed-crusader. It’s therefore annoying that a film so great was given a poster with a mistake. We imagine Hugh Jackman’s hands are pretty big, they certainly look it in this poster. So quite how a young girl’s hand is able to fit around it begs the question “how long are her fingers?!”.

Hit by Lightning (2014)

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This poster for Hit by Lightning is considered by some to be the worst of all time. The three actors featured clearly aren’t in bed together and in fact, they’re clearly not in a bed at all. It was no doubt done quickly and on a budget, but how it got signed off and used as the official poster, we’ll never know.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

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It may look cool, Spidey hanging off the side of a building, but if you turn the picture around so the city is the right way up, it immediately becomes clear that he’s defying gravity. Even with his ability to walk on walls, the angle he’s at would surely see him fall off.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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These posters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier have all the classic hallmarks of Hollywood Photoshopping. Scarlet Johansson is already perfect as she is, yet the Hollywood big-wigs clearly thought she needed to have a much slimmer waist than she actually does. Anthony Mackie’s body meanwhile goes from tough, big chest to a tiny little waist and slim legs. We’re pretty sure he wouldn’t miss leg day at the gym, so he must have had something to say about this image.

The Heat (2013)

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Poor Melissa McCarthy, someone clearly thinks she doesn’t look that great, as once again she’s been the victim of some serious airbrushing to make her face look smoother than a bald man’s polished head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending which way you look at it, she’s not alone as Sandra Bullock has received the same treatment too.