Sitting in your Living rooms and thinking about traveling is not something that can get you started if you really want to travel the world. There are many individuals who are interested in visiting London but they do not know how to make their vacation special. London is a true beauty. It is the perfect mixture of a properly developed land and wonders of nature.

A common mistake most people make is they visit only the famous places when in London. That is why they are unable to explore some of the gems of London. Here we have the list of hidden attractions in London that you should visit once in your life.

Little Venice

It is the London’s version of the famous Italian city. Once you will reach the location you will come across several

  1. Waterside café
  2. Restaurants
  3. Pubs

The areas look perfect in summer because locals will jump into canal boats or have long walks along riversides to Regent Park or Camden.

Camden Passage

The Camden Passage is tucked behind the upper street in Islington. It is the real treasure which comes with independent boutiques, cute café with delicious meals and vintage shops. It means that you will get to know about the fashion trends, find the best nails store and enjoy amazing food items in the same spot. There are several amazing party outfits available as well. You can visit the antique markets to find amazing furniture for your living room.

Pie and mash shops

It doesn’t get substantially more customary London than a plate of pie, pound, and the great green alcohol; perhaps with a side of the cockney top choice, jellied eels. Here are seven of our top picks, from East End pie and squash shops to some more gastronomic goes up against the work of art.

The Thames Path

The Thames is home to a significant number of London’s fortunes, relatively few of them covered up, however, the 40-mile-long Thames Path has numerous calmer spots to be found. The most ideal approach to investigate is to procure a bicycle length of the way, with open shorelines, one of most loved bars of Charles Dickens’ (The Prospect of Whitby) as well as the famous town of Rotherhithe only a portion of the features to find.

Wilton’s Music Hall

A customary Victorian music corridor in London’s Tower Hamlets, Wilton’s Music Hall has been completely reestablished lately to its previous transcendence. Book tickets to an assortment of exhibitions, drop by for a savor the noteworthy Mahogany Bar or just take a voyage through this awesome, notable scene.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

The previous habitation of Sir John Soane, engineer of the Bank of England, is one of London’s best open historical centers. In excess of 20,000 building illustrations and ancient pieces, including Canaletto and Piranesi, sit nearby works by Turner, Egyptian Sarcophagus of Seti at Sir John Soane’s Museum, where everything is left in much the manner in which Soane needed.

Make sure you enjoy your trip to London. Do not forget to explore all these amazing destinations.