I believe I speak on behalf of all Bachelor fans when I say Colton Underwood as the new Bachelor is a BIG disappointed.

When the Bachelorette ended and Becca gave her final rose to Garrett, all hearts have swooned across Canada and the USA. You can even say that a few of us got teary eyes. I mean, let’s face it, we were all rooting for Garrett from the beginning!

So, as soon as the Bachelorette ended, fans everywhere were wondering who the next Bachelor would be. Would it be runner-up Blake? Sweetheart Jason? Mr. Fashion Wills? Even cutie Colton would have been a good choice. Any of these would have been a solid choice as the next Bachelor. But no, ABC had to go and take the only Bachelor who doesn’t even know what he wants: Colton Underwood! I mean, the guy is literally a train wreck waiting to happen!

bachelor in paradise fiasco

Who can forget his time in Bachelor in Paradise? As soon as he stepped foot on the beach, a series of catastrophic events followed. First of all, everyone thought he would end up with Tia. He mentioned he had a fling with Tia prior to joining the Bachelorette and that there was something there. So, of course, everyone thought that when they were both in Bachelor in Paradise, it would be perfect and they would get their very own happy ending. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out for them.

First, he had a meltdown about how he was still not over Becca. Then he said he wanted to test out the waters before committing to Tia since he didn’t really have dating experience. But then they did get together because he wanted to “give it a shot”. After he said he was “forcing” it and there was to much pressure for them to be a couple so he couldn’t fake it anymore. He had another meltdown (surprise surprise). And now, he’s the new Bachelor? The guy has no idea what he wants!

a bachelor series promising to be cringeworthy

You could already imagine how the new season of the Bachelor will play out. So many cringe-worthy moments are promising to happen. ABC has already released a sneak peek and let me tell you that when you see it, you will be forcing yourself not to cringe every few seconds. Aside from the regular girl drama (because obviously what would be the Bachelor without some girl drama?), the worst part (or should I say the best since it’s entertainment after all), is the Bachelor himself.

Don’t get me wrong, Colton Underwood is a great guy. He has a great heart and is the perfect gentleman. However, it’s when it comes to knowing what or who he wants, that’s the issue. His emotions were a roller coaster on Bachelor in Paradise! One second he was ready to commit and the next he had no clue as to what or who he wanted. He’s not the most experienced Bachelor is Bachelor history, so the season will be interesting, to say the least.

Make sure to tune in on Monday, January 27th for the new Season of the Bachelor to see who Colton will end up with.


To watch a sneak peek of the Bachelor that ABC released, go here:

https://abc.go.com › The Bachelor › Videos