***Attention: Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!***

If you tuned in last night to watch the new season of The Bachelor last night, then you definitely were not disappointed! It was a pretty solid first episode and we already see what the season will be expected to look like. We were even lucky to see some of our old time favorites who were hosting the viewing parties from other parts of the country. The best part was probably the two proposals that we saw happen on site live during the airing by Bachelor fans. I mean who doesn’t want to get engaged on national TV live during the Bachelor premiere? Guess the guys were lucky that both ladies said yes (can you imagine the embarrassment if they had been turned down in front of everyone).

We got to see Chris and Crystal getting cozy in the hot tub. A few Bachelor fans were also able to join in on the fun. It’s great to see that they are still going strong since Bachelor in Paradise. The cute couple even announced that they will be making an addition to their family: a puppy! Could not be happier for those two!

A Tribute to Chris Harrison

One of the best parts during the premier was definitely when they made a tribute to Chris Harrison. After 17 years and 22 Seasons of hosting The Bachelor Series, it was bound to happen sooner or later. We got to see the amazing Chris Harrison from the very first season all the way to now. It’s definitely been a long road, but a memorable one.

A Look at the Ladies

All 30 contestants were introduced to us and we were already getting an idea of who we could see our fabulous Colton with. As they made their entrances, some more memorable then others, we got to see their first impressions. There were a few that definitely stood out. For example, who can forget the fabulous Brie who faked an Australian accent to be noticeable? There was the fabulous Cinderella who came in a carriage and dropped her shoe. Catherine who gave her dog. The Sloth. I mean did it not take forever to make her entrance? It was definitely a lasting impression.

The most cringe worthy ones who we could even say didn’t have a lot of tac were the ones who kept mentioning his Virginity and joking about it. We get it. Colton is the first Bachelor to be a virgin. It’s definitely not something you see often, but do we have to keep mentioning it? And do the girls have to keep saying it also? Especially when you’re first meeting who you hope to become your future husband. The “popping his cherry” or “I took your V Card” or “I’ve never dated a virgin before”, is definitely not something that you should be mentioning when you first meet someone. It looks like some of these ladies need a refresher on how to behave properly.

Drama is Already Starting

It wouldn’t be a true Bachelor season if there wasn’t a bit of drama already at the beginning. We could already see that Catherine was definitely going to be one to stir the pot a little. She interrupted not once, not twice but FOUR times the one-on-one conversation that Colton was having with some of the ladies. You would think that she would eventually stop after the second time. It’s rude and unfortunately some ladies didn’t have much chance to talk with Colton because of that. After the third interruption however one of the ladies had enough and decided to have a chat with our dear Catherine. Although it seemed like the conversation ended well and she got the message. She still went and did it again after. Really Catherine? I guess we can say we already know who the villain of the show will be.

The First Impression Rose: She Feels Like Home

Everyone was wondering who Colton would be giving his first impression rose to. We already had a few ideas in our mind and had some favorites but there was definitely one that left a good impression on Colton. Hannah Godwin was the lucky lady who got Colton’s first impression rose. When asked why he chose to give it to her, his answer had ladies swooning everywhere: “She felt like home”. I mean hello? Totally swooned over here.

So Bachelor fans, do you have any predictions? We all know that the one who usually gets the first impression rose is almost always the winner at the end. Will this season be the same? Or will it be different? Who would you want to see Colton end up with at the end? Be sure to tune in every Monday night on ABC to see Colton’s journey to find love!