It’s finally over guys. The Bachelor has finally wrapped its season. To say that this season of the Bachelor was different from the rest is an understatement. For starters, it was the first time in Bachelor history that the Bachelor was a virgin. Colton revealed his virginity in last season’s episode of the Bachelorette to Becca. This was definitely a huge surprise for Bachelor fans everywhere.

The Fence Jump

Although we all first thought this season would be cringe worthy to say the least (we all remember his breakdown in Bachelor in Paradise), we were pleasantly impressed. The season was strong. There were A LOT of hot shower scenes (I mean come on have you seen his body?) and there was just enough girl drama. But what had us hanging until the end was the famous fence jump we saw in the trailer at the beginning on the season. We were all dying to know what that was about! And as it turns out, it was after our dear bachelor had his heart broken by Cassie.

The “Cassie” Situation

At the beginning of the season, we all had our predictions on who would get the final rose. Celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres even had predictions of their own. Everyone thought it would be either Hanna G. who got Colton’s first impression rose and sweetheart Cassie. We could literally see the hearts in Colton’s eyes every time he would look at Cassie. It was with her who he had the strongest connection with and the chemistry between them was off the charts.

But doubts started to form when other contestants started spreading word that Cassie wasn’t ready for mariage. Bachelor contestants Elise, Sidney, Kirpa and Tayshia expressed their doubts. Although Colton started having doubts, he decided to follow his heart. More red flags started coming in when Cassie’s dad didn’t give Colton his blessing. Cassie’s reaction when Colton told her was also another red flag. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cassie’s dad flew all the way to Portugal to talk to Cassie. After a difficult conversation with her dad, it was clear that Cassie was not feeling ready.

Our hearts broke when she told Colton that she was leaving. Colton who confirmed our predictions by stating that he was in love with Cassie and was willing to be patient with her was even more heartbreaking. Poor Cassie kept saying that she couldn’t see herself getting there with Colton. And poor Colton kept begging her to stay but she just couldn’t. It was the mother load of heartbreaks. That’s what drove Colton to jump over the fence.

The Breakups

Colton made it clear that he was going to fight for Cassie. And fight for her he did. In fact, he took a huge gamble by breaking off his other two relationships to be all in with Cassie. Tayshia was sad but very understanding so that made us lover her even more. Hanna G.’s breakup was rough though. The girl who he kept saying felt like home over and over again was in fact, going home. She was surprised, heartbroken, confused and angry. We can’t really blame her because he was ending something for a person who we don’t even know would want to take him back. Our hearts broke even more when Colton left Hanna’s room in tears.

The Finale

Monday’s episode ended with Colton knocking on someone’s door. We all had our suspicions that it was Cassie’s room since he made it clear he would fight for her. And off course it was her. He once again confessed his love to Cassie and showed it to her by stating that he had broken up with the other two women. After telling Cassie that they could just take it day by day, she agreed and they flew off to Spain where she could meet Colton’s family. Their relationship grew stronger during their overnight date (guess he ain’t a virgin anymore). We’re happy to say that it was confirmed during the After the Rose Ceremony where both Colton and Cassie confirmed that they are still together and very happy. In fact, Colton has even moved to California to be closer to Cassie. So all in all, a pretty good ending even though there wasn’t an engagement at the end.

The Next Bachelorette

As tradition would have it, the next Bachelorette was revealed last night. We all had our own predictions of who it would be. Hanna B. was the strong front runner and turns out that she is the next Bachelorette. She’s quirky, funny and cute which is all we can really ask for. We’re sure that next season will be very entertaining! Make sure to tune in on May 12th to follow her journey on finding love!