Social distancing is slowly coming to an end and many businesses across the city have reopened their doors. However, with the city reopening its doors, keeping a safe distance is still strongly recommend.

In one of our previous articles, we recommended a list of activities for social distancing. Biking was one of them. Since it requires no contact with people and you are automatically keeping a safe distance with other people, biking is one of the ideal summer activities to do this year. It’s also a very popular sport in the city, which explains why there are many great bike paths across the city for you to choose from.

We’ve narrowed down the 5 best pike paths across the city of Montreal and its surroundings to help you choose from. Try these out and let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Lachine Canal Park

One of the oldest and largest bike paths in the city, Canal Lachine has an amazing bike path surrounding the park and river. Biggest it’s so big, even on the busiest days, the bike path won’t be too crowded which will make it easy for you to navigate and take in the amazing views. With numerous restaurants and shops surrounding the city, you can easily take a break and grab a bite to eat before you continue your journey.

2. Angrignon Park

With over 97 hectares surrounding the park, Angrignon Park is another great area Montrealers like to go to, especially because of its impressive bike path. Because of it’s location being a bit further then the city, not many Montrealers go there, which makes it perfect if you want a more quiet place where you can bike peacefully. Make sure to bring snacks and water since there isn’t much in the area for you to grab something in case you get thirsty or hungry.

3. Jarry Parc

One of Montreal’s largest and most popular parcs is without a doubt Parc Jarry. Known for hosting many events as well as a popular area for families, this parc is always buzzing with people. You’re lucky if you can find a table to sit at, unless you’re there at the crack of dawn. However, its bike path is great if you like to watch people while you ride around. Filled with life and events, you won’t get bored with people watching!

4. Mount Royal

Biking with an amazing view of the city and surrounded by trees and the mountain is truly an amazing experience. That’s why the Mount Royal is without a doubt the most popular bike path in the city. With gorgeous views and fun activities going on while you’re biking, the Mount Royal bike path is spectacular. Make sure to watch out for the rocks and the hills. We strongly suggest having your helmet safely on since a fall on this bike path can be dangerous to say the least!

5. Parc La Fontaine

Our list would not be complete if we did not include Parc La Fontaine. Located in the heart of the city, Parc La Fontaine is home to many Montreal events and gatherings. It’s bike path surrounds the entire parc giving you an amazing view of not only the city, but the parc and the many events going on. We strongly suggest to add Parc La Fontaine to your summer bucket list as one of the bike paths to try out this year! You won’t regret it.