Only a few more weeks left until the warm summer heat is upon us. Summer in Montreal is truly magical. The gorgeous views, the festivals, the warm weather, the outdoor activities… it’s like a never-ending summer fest. Summer is also the time to have a special someone where you can enjoy all the activities that the city has to offer. What better way to celebrate summer than romancing away on a summer fling. Montreal is magical all year round, but summer is different. The city has a lot to offer which is great for those who love to spend time in the outdoors. With great city sights and activities more than one can count, you’re bound to find amazing date ideas. But just in case you need a little inspiration, here are some amazing summer date ideas to get you going!

Summer Date Ideas

  1. Spend the day in the Old Port enjoying the beautiful view of the city
  2. Go on the Ferris Wheel in Old Montreal
  3. Spend the day at La Ronde riding roller coasters
  4. Go on a romantic horse drawn carriage stroll
  5. Have dinner at one of the many restaurants in Old Montreal
  6. Go to the Bota Bota Spa in Old Montreal
  7. Go on a picnic in a parc
  8. Go on one of the boat cruises on the St-Lawrence river and have dinner on the ship
  9. Have drinks in one of the many terraces in the city
  10. Grab gellato ice cream in Little Italy
  11. Spend the day window shopping in the boutiques on St-Denis
  12. Go to one of the many Montreal festivals happening this summer
  13. Watch the fireworks outside
  14. Do movies in the parc
  15. Do an outdoor scavenger hunt
  16. Go star gazing and try to name as many stars as possible
  17. Hike up the Mont Royal
  18. Rent a couple of bixis and go riding around town
  19. Rend a boat and go streaming down Canal Lachine
  20. Go to the Food Truck Festival
  21. Spend the day at the zoo
  22. Participate in the color run
  23. Go roller skating
  24. Attend a concert
  25. Volunteer as a dog walker for a day