Summer is well underway and it looks like this year it will be a hot one. The heat waves we’ve been getting lately gives us a good idea of how our summer will look like. While many of us are itching to do our regular summer activities, it’s crucial to remember that this summer is not like the one from previous years.

We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and safety is the number one key to having a successful summer without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

Having a good summer doesn’t necessarily have to be something that puts you at risk. There are plenty of activities to do around the city this summer that will ensure your safety. You can still do most of everything you had planned this year. The only difference is how you do it might not be exactly the way you imagined.

One of the crucial aspects I always remind people when getting ready to go somewhere public is to look at Google. With Google, you can get live updates on how busy a place is. Therefore, you can know ahead of time if a place will be crowded or not. Google also lets you know when the less busy hours are so you know when the best time to go is.

To help in your summer planning, we’ve made a list of summer activities that will help you have a great summer, while staying safe.

  1. Drive-In Movie Theatre
  2. Go hiking to see the sunrise
  3. Picnic in the park in a quiet area
  4. Go biking around the city
  5. Rooftop Terrasse for a private 5@7
  6. Mini Road Trip
  7. Camping in your backyard
  8. Private Pool Party
  9. At home Brunch with your closest friends
  10. Girls Night at Home (movies, manis & pedis, facials…)
  11. Netflix & Chill on your balcony
  12. Take a ride with your bestie among one of the many scenic routes surrounding the city
  13. Outdoor Yoga
  14. Go to your fave resto (or a new one you haven’t had a chance to try out yet) with your friends
  15. Outdoor BBQ with close friends
Remember: the key is to avoid crowded areas. Or if you want to go somewhere popular, plan ahead so you go when it’s not too busy. This will help with social distancing and reduce your risk of catching COVID.