Pretty much everyone we know is using Spotify. It’s the new iTunes. Having access to millions of songs at the touch of your fingers. Personalized playlists depending on your mood. It’s pretty much music heaven for everyone. Spotify offers free subscription, but obviously most people are opting for the premium membership. Not only do you have the opportunity to save the songs and playlists to your own, but the best part is probably the fact that you get to listen to the songs without the adds. So safe to say that Spotify is the app for music lovers!

The lowest plan is 9.99$ per month is ending with the new year. Since Quebec loves to do things differently, they’ve decided that 2019 will be the start of something new. Starting January 1st 2019, Quebec will be applying sales taxes to the monthly Spotify subscription payments. Make sure to watch out for those sales taxes and the increase in your payments.

Also great to know is that if you’re getting you’re Spotify subscription through your phone provider, starting January they will no longer be providing it so you will have to make alternative payment arrangements to have them billed separately.

For more information in regards to Spotify and the change in their fees, make sure to check out their website @