The Santa Clause Parade is set to take place in two weeks time and everyone is excited to see Santa. However, as we look forward to Santa and his crew marching down the streets of downtown Montreal, some of us are concerned about the recent legalization of cannabis. Although it’s been legal for about two weeks now, Montreal hasn’t had any major outdoor events where they needed to be concerned about people smoking cannabis. This is the first event where thousands of people will all be gathered together outside. And off course, there will be kids, because let’s face it, which kid doesn’t want to see Santa? But people are extremely worried about how the legalization of cannabis will affect the parade.

legal to smoke outside

Since Cannabis became legal on October 17th, people can now smoke it legally outside. Obviously, the parade is taking place outside. Seeing as there’s no law that bans people from smoking outside, a lot of Montrealers are concerned. People are wondering if a new law should be put in place where smoking cannabis should not be allowed at public events. Some are even stating that if alcohol is prohibited, then cannabis should be too. It would make sense that they should both fall under the same category.

dangerous for kids

Coincidentally, the first major outdoor event that is happening since the legalization of cannabis happens to be one where kids will be present. It comes to no surprise that a lot of parents are worried about the safety of their kids. On another hand, some people are stating that it shouldn’t be a huge problem  since this will not be an event that will attract people who smoke cannabis. Let’s be honest, most people who show up at the Santa Parade are families with kids.

request denied

The city of Montreal took it upon itself to make a request to prohibit cannabis at special events. Unfortunately, the request was denied. They are still working on finding different ways where they can prohibit nuisances like smoking, drinking and vaping at special events where kids are present. Seeing as though the parade isn’t held in a closed public space, banning cannabis from the parade will be hard. Although it might be hard, it is the mayor’s responsibility. A request has also been made to get a list of all events where cannabis will be banned. This is so parents can make informed decisions on whether or not to attend.

The city of Montreal has confirmed that they are open to working in close partnership with the administration department on banning cannabis from certain events.

The Santa Clause Parade is set to take place on November 17th.  no decision has been made as of yet on whether or no cannabis will be prohibited.