Santa Monica is probably one of the most popular attractions that Los Angeles has to offer. In every movie or TV Show that is filmed in California, there’s always a scene in Santa Monica. Can’t blame it though with the ocean view and all the activities that they have in the are. Apart from the entertainment and the gorgeous views, they have an amazing restaurant selection. Here’s a list of the best restaurants that Santa Monica has to offer that’s sure to fit any budget.

Rusty’s Surf Ranch

Right up on the Santa Monica Pier, you can grab a seat outside and watch the views and do a few people watching. They have an amazing drink menu and their food is amazing. Their staff is also super friendly as well as the manager. Don’t like a drink you ordered? No problem! Let them know and they will replace it no charge! The price is more than reasonable so you’ll be able to enjoy good food without breaking the bank.

My recommendation: Fish ‘N’ Chips (it’s not their #1 seller for nothing)

Address:  256 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica


Del Frisco’s Grille

Absolutely gorgeous décor! If weather permits, get a table outside. It’s worth the wait, trust me. Although it’s always pretty busy no matter what time of day you go, it’s definitely a place you want to check out because of their amazing menu! They have the BEST burgers that I’ve ever had in my entire life! Also, their entrées are to die for! It’s a bit more expensive than the other ones, but the quality of the food is amazing!

My recommendation: Ahi Tacos for entrées and any of their burgers

Address: 1551 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica


Blue Plate Taco

If you’re a fan of tacos then this place is for you! They have a great selection of authentic Mexican food. Their cocktail menu is quite impressive and their staff is super friendly. Best time to go is during the evening so you can grab a place outside and watch the gorgeous sunset. It’s a really popular spot so strongly suggest reserving before if possible to avoid waiting in line. Well worth the wait either way.

My recommendation: Fish Tacos

Address: 1515 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica


Jinya Ramen Bar

If you’re a lover of ramen noodles then this place is for you. With an impressive list of ramen noodles to choose from, this place is sure to satisfy all your ramen cravings. Their food is authentic and full of Asian flavor. You definitely get a lot for your money so definitely consider sharing or ordering a plate for two. The staff is really friendly and professional and the price is not so bad considering for all you’re getting.

My recommendation: Anything from the ramen section

Address: 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica


Tar & Roses

If you’re looking for something a little chicer, then Tar & Roses is the place to go! They’re only open for supper and their selection of “fine dining” is amazing. Great quality food with amazing staff, this place will hit the bar on every aspect. They also have a vegetarian menu so it’s great if you’re not a meat eater.

My recommendation: Hanger Steak or the Corn & Mascarpone Gnocchi

Address: 602 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica