Myrlande Pierre, the commission’s vice-president, said human rights groups and other civil society organizations have been asking for an anti-racism policy for the past two decades but the government has not heeded their requests.

‘Go back home, You come here, you steal our jobs and our women.’

Quebec’s human rights commission is calling on the provincial government to come up with a plan to fight racism and discrimination in the wake of a new report on abuse against minorities. armed with a 328-page report detailing cases of vicious abuse against dozens of people — mostly Muslims and people of color — commissioners said the province must finally act.

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About 35 percent of people that been harassed said they changed their habits following their experiences and 78 percent of the hateful acts they suffered were not reported to authorities.

A two-year study was commissioned by the previous Liberal government as part of its “anti-radicalization” initiatives.

Former premier Philippe Couillard also mandated the human rights commission to hold public consultations on systemic racism in Quebec.

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But following criticism from his political opponents and from pundits, Couillard backtracked, and Premier Francois Legault with the Coalition Avenir Quebec has repeatedly stated he doesn’t think systemic racism exists in the province.