CCBC News just released disturbing news about a Quebec Resident. It would appear that a 69-year-old man is barred from leaving the Dominican Republic after he attempted to sexual assault a 7-year-old girl. Former Radio-Canada journalist, Yvon Joseph Ghislain Gaudet was spending the holidays with his family in the Dominican Republic. However, on New Year’s Eve, he was arrested in a hotel in Puerto Plata. It would appear that he was trying to have sex with a 7-year-old girl with the consent of the father.

Refusing to press charges

According to a press release by the police force, the father of the young girl had taken her to Gaudet’s room. Since no one in the family is willing to press charges, Gaudet has been released from police custody. The seven-year old girl is under the sole custody of her father. Her mother having died, she is in the care of her father. Her older sister is also refusing to press charges against her father and Gaudet. Since the attack, the little girl is now in a safe place according to the police.

Not allowed to leave the country

Although Gaudet is no longer under police custody, he is still not allowed to leave the country. The Dominican police is still continuing their investigation on this unfortunate event. Gaudet’s computer and cellphone have both been seized by the police. Global Affairs Canada told CBC that they are aware that a Canadian citizen is under investigation in the Dominican Republic. While they are aware, they can’t do anything to bring him back to Canada until the investigation is complete. Due to the provisions of the Privacy Act, no further information can be disclosed.

For more information about the investigation, make sure to go to CBC News as they will be posting updates on a regular basis.