Mark Zuckerberg has done it again! Facebook is reaching a whole new level with the new dating feature. Facebook users will be able to create a new profile separate from their current one and use it as their dating profile. Looks like Zuckerberg is getting ready to play matchmaker. Facebook Dating originally launched in Columbia, however, Zuckerberg is ready to bring it to North America and looks like Canada will be the first one.

How will the new dating feature work?

The new dating feature that Facebook is putting into place allows users to create a new profile. This will solely be for the dating feature and each user can choose what they want to include. Once users have set their profile, Facebook will then recommend matches based on their similarities. Users who want to use the feature will have to opt-in as they will not be automatically enrolled.

Facebook is also putting in place a blocking feature. It allows people to be blocked and prevents them from messaging matches more then once if there is no response on the other end. Users can also take a temporary break through the opting-out feature. If they want to completely remove their profile, they can do so and everything from their profile will be destroyed.

privacy concerns

Zuckerberg has been in the spotlight lately concerning several data breaches through Facebook. Obviously, the new dating feature will raise concerns about privacy protection. Although Zuckerberg is still refusing to attend data privacy hearings, he’s ensuring to put in place procedures to protect his clients. He has confirmed that the feature has been designed with privacy and safety in mind.

Although many are still skeptical, people are still willing to give Facebook another chance. Especially with the new measures put in place which makes Facebook definitely more secure then it was in the past.