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We don’t usually like to bring our competitors down, but when it’s the second time in less than 2 weeks that they get their facts wrong, we feel we have a moral obligation to point it out. Just less then 24 hours ago, MTL Blog posted an article that there was supposedly a hostage situation in Verdun. We can only imagine the hype that a title like “Breaking: Alleged Hostage Situation in Montreal’s Verdun” will bring. But when that’s actually not the case, it can start raising questions. What actually happened? And why is MTL Blog getting their facts wrong again?

Fake News? Check your facts!

Yesterday, MTL Blog posted an article about an alleged hostage situation in Verdun. Apparently, they had received news that there was a “hostage” situation in a residential building in Verdun:

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We have just received news of a hostage situation in a residential building in Verdun.
We know that people are inside right now, with, allegedly, one dead and one person, possibly the suspect, still in the building.

It wasn’t long after the article had been published that the Montreal SPVM was quick to respond. In fact, they pointed out that they should actually contact their Media relations department to get their facts straight.

Now we know that MTL Blog has a tendency of not always double checking their facts. They tend to over exaggerate at times and not confirm their sources which has given them a reputation of “fake news” on more then one occasion. We strongly suggest that proper research is done and all sources are confirmed prior to publishing any articles 😉

The 4-1-1 on the Verdun Incident

So what actually did happen in Verdun that caused a lot of attention? It would appear that there was a man suffering from mental health issues who was in distressed. In result, he had locked himself in his apartment. The Police were alerted by neighbors and showed up on site to calm down the man. Although he has been restrained, Police have advised people to avoid the area for safety reasons.

With that in mind, we strongly suggest that prior to publishing any articles, it would be a good idea to review the facts and confirm the sources to avoid and “fake news”.

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