What’s our favorite activity to do during the summer? Movies in the park! When you spend more than half of the year indoors because of the cold and snow, being able to watch movies outside is definitely a rare treasure that many of us try to take advantage of as much as possible. Whether it’s classic movies, old time favorites, last year’s blockbuster hits or foreign movies, there’s something about watching movies outdoors that is quite magical. Lucky for us, we live in a city that is always on the rise. Everywhere you go, there’s always a fun-filled activity happening. Movies in the park is no different. Montreal has amazing parks in the city that host movies in the park every summer.

Lucky for you, we’ve done some research and have gathered up all the parks in Montreal that will be hosting movies in the park this summer. Best part? They are free! So leave your wallet at home (unless you want to buy some popcorn and food to snack on during the movie). So, make sure to take note of these names and locations because we guarantee that you will be attending at least one of these parks this summer.

Cinéma Sous Les Étoiles

With parks located in areas all over the city, you’ll be sure to find one that’s closest to you. From June to August, you can watch movies across their locations in the city. Cinéma Sous Les Étoiles usually features political movies and documentaries. So if that’s your style, make sure to check out their website for the full list of locations and schedule.

When: June 25 – August 30 2019

Location: Multiple locations across the city

Website: http://cinemasouslesetoiles.org/

Ciné-Parc Dante

Located in the heart of Little Italy, what better way to get the full Italy feeling then by watching movies from the country itself? Ciné-Parc Date offers movies in Italian (with subtitles so don’t worry if you don’t speak the language) all summer long. With a mix of classic movies and some more modern, you’re sure to get a taste of the Italian culture!

When: July 4 – July 25 2019

Location: 6777 ave. de Gaspé, Montreal

Website: www.petiteitalie.com

Cinéma NDG

From classics to old time favorites to recent releases, Cinéma NDG has something for everyone. Located in NDG, this outdoor movie theatre is close for everyone! So make sure to tune in every Thursday night starting in July so you can watch some of your favorite movies under the starts!

When: Every Thursday starting July 5th

Location: 5560 rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal

Website: www.facebook.com/cinemandg/

Cinéma Urbain

Located in the heart of downtown, Cinéma Urbain offers a popular list of movies. This year however they are keeping us on our toes! They have not yet released a schedule as to what movies they will be showing. Make sure to check-in on their website regularly to see updates!

When: Not yet announced (TBD)

Location: Place de la Paix

Website: http://sat.qc.ca/fr/cinema-urbain

Cin’Hoch de l’été

Strategically located right next to Dairy Queen, this outdoor movie theater knows what it takes to draw a crowd! Movies for everyone, make sure to grab Ice Cream before heading over to the movies!

When: June 28 – August 23 2019

Location: 4545 rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal

Website: www.hochelaga.ca

Don’t forget to tag us if you go to one of these movies in the park this summer!