Montrealers love to joke around. In fact, there are even some occasions where they love to laugh at THEMSELVES!

If you’re from Montreal or you happened to be visiting Montreal last year during the holidays, then you most likely remember the Christmas Tree we had. Every city is known for having a great Christmas Tree. There’s obviously the famous one in New York City in Times Square, and of course the National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. Even our fellow Canadians in Toronto have a gorgeous one. But Montreal likes to do things differently. After all, it wouldn’t be Montreal if we didn’t.

Montreal’s ugly Christmas tree

So last year we had our famous Christmas Tree and to say it was ugly is an understatement. The poor tree looked like it wouldn’t even last through the night. I mean could they have at least tried to find something that looked, I don’t know, healthy? Anyways, the poor tree was the victim of a running gag for the better part of the year. It made headlines everywhere and people actually thought it was a prank. Who can blame them? Seriously, have you looked at the tree? Not sure who chose the tree but let’s just say we’re sure they got an earful from the City of Montreal.

the ugly Christmas tree village

Therefore, it comes to no surprise that this year, Montreal has decided to honor last years tree and start a tradition. In fact, if you think last years tree was horrible, wait until you see what Montreal has this year! Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree has nothing on us. Like I said earlier, Montrealers do love to joke and laugh at themselves. So this year, they’ve taken things to another level. This year, Montreal is hosting the second-ever Ugly Christmas Tree Village. Not only will there be, you guessed it, an Ugly Christmas Tree, but you’ll also have the opportunity to tickle said tree. You heard me! There will be motion detectors and built-in speakers integrated so every time someone tickles the bottom branches, the tree laughs. The more people tickle it, the louder it laughs. When people stop tickling the tree, it will let out a sigh of relief. The Ugly Christmas Tree even has a name: Frankentree. Pretty appropriate considering it’s not the best looking tree.

Information about the ugly Christmas tree village

Dates: November 30th until December 23rd

Address: 57 Rue Prince Arthur East

Price: FREE