Montreal is home to many influential people around the world. We have some pretty famous celebrities in our beloved city. But on top of that, we have also some pretty great influencers. There’s something about Montreal that inspires Millennials to launch their own business and become an inspiration for future generations. So, here’s a list of Montreal’s Top Ten Influencers you need to check out right now:

1. Brandon Bozarth

Transformational coach, healer and business strategist Brandon is making a name for himself as a truly inspirational figure. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to get your daily dose of inspiration!


2. Hanna Hajilou

This little lady is all about food. Founder of À LA TABLE, a Montreal catering company, Hanna has been making a killing in the catering company. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to!



3. Justin Comeau

Real estate professional and President of M Real Estate, Justin has a vision for success. His passion for design and innovative marketing strategies are creating him a reputation of the king of real estate.


4. Elisabeth Rioux

Founder of Hoaka swimwear, this little lady turned into an internet sensation overnight! She built an empire all before the age of 20 and has been on the rise ever since. Make sure to follow her Instagram to see how she’s rising her empire one step at a time.



5. Jeremy Serfaty

Founder of Ace Cancer Fund and EL3VATE Media Marketing Agency, Jeremy has worked with global leaders. YUM Creations, As-Fur, Fresh MTL and Mr. Puffs are just a few elite clients that make up his portfolio. Through his foundation Ace Cancer Fund, he’s managed to raise over $75,000. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to see what he’s up.



6. Maximilien Perez

Originally from Montreal, Maximilien has been living in Shanghai for the last ten years. Perez has been revolutionizing the fashion industry with the X Suit and the X Tee. He has just announced that he will be launching a new women line and a line for kids. Mentioned in GQ, Forbes and Business Insider, he is making a name for himself in the fashion world. Follow his Instagram to see his latest creations.


7. Olivia-Bianca Vojtech

Founder of Insert Identity, Olivia is specialized in branding, content creation/social media, brand collaboration and activation. Her brands include Canada’s leading fashion brands, restaurants, hotels and so much more!




8. Sasha Goreshtein

Model turned entrepreneur, this Queen of Fashion is bringing sexy back! Her e-commerce Shop Viixen is bringing a new side to the word “femme fatale”. Each design more beautiful and hot then the other, you’ll want to buy her whole collection! Follow her on Instagram to see what’s new in her world of fashion!



9. Lysandre Nadeau

Popular YouTube vlogger who shares her everyday life for the world to see, Lysandre is a social butterfly. No stranger to social media (it’s how she makes her living), this lady is on the rise! Travel junky, her Instagram page has well over 280K followers. Make sure to join the tribe to see where she’s off to next!


10. Oliver Porte

Oliver Porte, or more precisely Oliver Door, is the fashion king of Montreal. Often on the lookout to see what the latest trend is for menswear, he is quickly making a reputation for himself as the fashion guru. Follow his Instagram to see what he’s been spot wearing!