If you’re a true Montrealer, then there’s nothing you love more then good poutine! Whether you’re all about the fries, the cheese or the sauce, you KNOW what good poutine tastes like. While many people don’t really understand how we can eat our fries covered in gravy and cheese, there’s just something about it that makes Montrealers go crazy for it. So what is it that makes poutine from average to A-MA-ZING? Is it the crispiness of the fries? The sauce that has just the right thickness and flavor? The cheese that melts in your mouth? Honestly, it’s the combination of all three. Mastering the art of poutine is no easy task. And while many restaurants have tried to make the perfect poutine, some have failed and some have succeeded. So here are Montreal’s Best Poutine spots you have to check out next time you’re craving a good poutine.

La Banquise

I wouldn’t be a true Montrealer if I did not include La Banquise in the list. They are the KING of Poutines. Keeping this in mind, their prices are a bit higher then you’re standard poutine spot, but once you have a bite, you’ll forget all about the price!

Address: 994 Rue Rachel Est

Website: www.labanquise.com


It’s in the name! What more proof do you need that it’s their specialty?

Address: 1365 Ontario Est

Website: www.poutineville.com

Montreal Poutine

Located in the Old Port of Montreal, it’s been known to be one of the best poutine spots in the city. They call it Montreal Poutine for nothing!

Address: 161 Saint-Paul Est

Website: www.montrealpoutine.ca

Frite Alors

Already famous for its fries, so it’s no wonder that they made the list for having the best poutine in town!

Address: several locations

Website: www.fritealors.com

Au Pied De Cochon

Although it’s not their specialty, they make one mean poutine that is sure to fill you up for the whole day!

Address: 536 Ave Duluth E.

Website: www.aupieddecochon.ca

Smoke’s Poutinerie

The most authentic Quebec Poutine you will find in the city! Made with their hand-cut fries, homemade signature gravy and Quebec cheese curds, it’s the most authentic poutine you will find in Montreal.

Address: 2019 Bishop Street

Website: www.smokespoutinerie.com

Poutine Lafleur

Another Quebec favorite! Family owned, Poutine Lafleur is among one of the most popular poutine joints in Montreal. It’s a definite favorite for poutine lovers!

Address: 3665 Wellington Street