The votes are in! Montreal has been voted as the second best city to live in the world for millennials. We only fell second to Berlin who beat us by 0.04 points. Not too bad when you think about. So what makes Montreal so great? What makes is the second best city in the world for millennials? What do we have that other cities don’t? Well, it looks like several factors were taken into consideration when decisions were being made. The study was done by Nestpick and they revealed the top 110 cities in the world for millennials.

decision factors

Nestpick has revealed a study that ranks the top 110 cities in the world to live in for millennials. What did they base their decision on? Several factors really. However, there were four main factors that were really important when it came to ranking the cities:

  1. Startup Ecosystem
  2. Housing Affordability
  3. Immigration Tolerance
  4. Quality of Nightlife

Obviously, Montreal ranked pretty high on the scorecard. Anyone who lives in Montreal knows that our nightlife can speak for itself. And let’s not forget that Montreal is BIG on diversity, so our immigration tolerance is pretty good compared to other cities. After all, they do make up for half the population. We also have a great LGBT community. Who can forget our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joining the LGBT walk in 2015? Aside from that, Montreal has also been known to be a great city to start up a business along with having pretty affordable housing. Here are what the numbers reveal on a score of 1 to 10:

  1. Business Ecosystem: 6.4
  2. The Essentials (housing, food, transportation): 5.8
  3. Openness (diversity tolerance: LGBT, immigration…): 8.6
  4. Recreation (Nightlife, activities…): 7.9

Total Score: 7.10

What did Berlin get? Their total score was 7.14. It was a pretty close vote. The only area in which we lost was in the nightlife category. Berlin beat us with a score of 8.8. Although Montreal has a pretty good nightlife, it comes to no surprise that Berlin beat us in that category. However, Montreal did pretty good by beating Berlin in all 3 other categories.

other Canadian Cities made the list

Montreal was not the only Canadian city to make the list. In fact, 3 Canadian cities managed to make it in the top 10. Aside from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver made it though as well. Toronto was voted #5 and Vancouver followed right after ranking at #6. Canada is doing pretty well for itself when it comes to having cities that attract millennials.

montreal: best city for millennials

More and more people are migrating to Montreal every year. Whether it’s for our Nightlife or for our diversity, Montreal is doing a great job when it comes to attracting people. After all, we did score #2 on a list of 110, so I would say that’s proof enough that we’re doing something right.

To get the full list of the top 110 cities and their ranking, visit Nestpick @