Every year, we always hear sad stories about how people leave their dogs in their car during the summer while they run their errands. And more often than not, some of those dogs don’t always make it. How many times have we seen on the news or read in the paper that someone called the cops after seeing a dog left in the car with not even a window open? While many owners often say that it was just for a second so they can run in and do an errand or just grab a cup of coffee, it still doesn’t make it okay. If you wouldn’t leave your child alone in the car, then why would you leave your dog? They are living breathing beings. That being said, Montreal has decided to put in place measures to prevent people leaving their dogs in their cars during the summer heat.

Dog Friendly Stores

You’ve probably noticed, but more and more stores are approaching a “dog friendly” approach. They’ve put signs on their doors saying that dogs are allowed in stores. In fact, about 50% of the stores downtown are dog friendly at the moment and if you go in shopping centers like Galerie d’Anjou, Carrefour Laval, Rockland or Promenades St-Bruno just to name a few, they allow owners to bring their doors in door.

One place that is really dog friendly is the very popular Quartier Dix30 located in Montreal’s South Shore, Brossard. Almost all of their stores allow owners to bring their dogs indoor. And not only that, but while you’re walking outside you will notice several water bowls left in front of stores for your little fur friends. They are pretty much telling all dog owners to bring their dogs at stores.

You can even bring your dog to restaurants

Another great initiative that Montreal is doing is having dog friendly restaurants. We all know about the famous Hot Dog Cafe which is basically a restaurant for dogs where you and your fur friend can eat. But that’s no longer the only restaurant where you can bring your dog. More and more restaurants are taking initiatives to become dog friendly. It definitely helps when a restaurant has an outdoor terrace. Owners can now sit comfortably outside with their dog enjoying their meal and not stressing that they need to hurry back since their dog is waiting in their car.

Leaving your dog in a car is now a crime

To encourage dog owners to not leaving their dogs in a motorized vehicles, several provinces across Canada have put in place penalties. If someone happens to see a dog in a car during a rather warm day and could endanger the life of the dog, they are welcomed to call the police and report this. Owners can receive a fine for up to 100$ depending on the situation. These measures are meant to avoid people from having their dogs left in cars.

So, if you happen to see a dog in a car, don’t hesitate, call the police to report the dog owner. You could be saving the dogs life.