If you’ve been watching the news these last few days then you’ve most likely come across Knickers! You know, the HUGE cow in Australia? He made heads turn this week and has been the star of the internet! Why is he so popular you ask? Well for starters, he’s probably the fattest cow you’ve ever seen. So here are the basics in case you’re curious and want to know who Knickers actually is.

How BIG is he?

To be exact, he’s 194 cm tall (so about 6 foot 4″) and weights approximately 2,800 lbs (almost as much as a car!). So yeah, he’s pretty big. In fact, he’s considered being the biggest cow in his country!

Where is he from?

Our good friend Knickers is all the way from the south. Australia that is. You know what they say: Go Big or Go Home! Well they went REALLY BIG!

Is he really a cow?

Technically speaking, no he’s not a cow. Cows are females who have had at least one calf. Our friend Knickers here is a male. So if you want to be technically correct, the right term in this case would be a steer. Males tend to be higher then females and are usually just under 6-feet tall. At 6- feet 4″, Knickers is definitely taller then your average cow, or should I say steer.

How old is Knickers?

Knickers is seven. Cows will usually leave up until 18 to 22 years of age. Knickers should live to see at least another ten years.

Why is he so BIG?

Since he’s been all over the internet this week, experts have taken a interest in Knickers and have come up with some theories of their own. First of all, compared to his breed, he is just slightly taller. As mentioned earlier, males tend to be just under 6-feet tall. Knickers is 6-feet 4″ so he’s just a bit taller then his fellow male companions. Second of all, his age. He is 7 years old. In the pictures, he seems really tall compared to the others. He actually seems huge! But keep in mind that the others in the picture are much younger. They are about 1 year old and at that age, they are 4 feet 5″ tall. So off course standing next to them, Knickers seems pretty huge! It’s all about perspective and better understanding the context. Putting that aside, he’s still pretty huge compared to others.

Lucky for him, being big has come to his advantage. Knickers has been considered to be too big to fit into the slaughter house so he has been saved. Usually, cows are sent to the slaughter house at the age of 3. Knickers at the age of 3 was already to big to fit into the slaughter house so was spared. He now has the luxury to enjoy his life no matter how long that can be.

Although his owner says that at the moment his size has not caused him to have any health issues, he wouldn’t be surprised if he did in the coming months or years.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Knickers. The cow that’s not actually a cow but who’s definitely a giant!