Whether you’ve been to New York or not, you’ve heard of Times Square (unless you’re living under a rock). Being known as one of the most popular city attractions in the world, Times Square has made quite a reputation for itself. In fact, it’s so popular that everyone turns in on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Can L.A. Live Compete with Times Square?

Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and celebrities. However, they started following in the footsteps of their eastern neighbor with L.A. Live. This $2.5 billion investment is over 5.6 million square feet and includes a complete entertainment center. The big question, however, is not if L.A. Live is well developed, it’s if it can compete with Times Square? It’s a hard question because yes L.A. Live is gorgeous and has a lot to offer, but can it really top Times Square reputation?

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles you know that it’s truly the city of Angels.

They have a lot of attractions and L.A. Live is definitely one of them. With a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment attractions, it definitely steps up the part. Located in the heart of downtown, it’s home to Microsoft Theater which has hosted several events such as the American Music Award, American Idol, the Emmy’s and of course MTV Video Music Awards. They also have the Grammy Museum which is quite impressive.

The question is not whether or not L.A. Live is impressive because let’s be honest, anything that Los Angeles does is always exceptional. However, if we compare it to New York’s Time Square, can it compete. It’s obvious that they both have a lot to offer and great potential. Is one better than the other? I don’t think so.

Obviously, people know more about Times Square because we constantly hear about it and as mentioned earlier, on New Year’s Eve, almost every one tunes in to see the ball drop in Times Square. Given a few years, who knows, maybe L.A. Live will be as known as Times Square and hold a solid reputation, but for now, I think people know more about Times Square because of all the hype we hear and because it’s been there for decades. It’s not necessarily that Times Square is better than L.A. Live, it’s just that because it has been there longer, it’s more popular. But hey, maybe a few years from now people will tune in on New Year’s Eve to watch L.A. Live instead.