Christmas is in five weeks and some of us have already put the tree up and started making our Christmas List. Those of us who are a little bit ahead of everyone (myself included) have even started our Christmas Shopping! Let’s be honest for a second here: unless you’re financially very well, Christmas Shopping always puts a hole in your budget. Buying presents for your family, you’re significant other, their family, friends, maybe you participate in a gift exchange at work, the list is never ending when it comes to people you have to buy presents for! So yeah, Christmas Shopping definitely puts a hole in your bank account. But don’t worry, here are some amazing tips to help save you money during the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Take Advantage of Sales!

There are so many sales happening right now! Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday and even Christmas Sales. Stores know that shopping can be expensive during the holidays, that’s why they are constantly doing sales to help you out and also attract you into buying from them. That’s okay. Take advantage of them! Buy one and the other one is free or half off? Regular price $30 and now it’s $5? Take advantage! No one will know you got it on sale and didn’t pay full price!

DIY Presents

DIY are really in right now! You can have so much fun with it and it makes the personal feel like you put in the extra effort. You can do a picture collage for you mom of with all the pictures of the both of you together and put it in a nice picture frame. Or what about getting a really nice picture of you and your significant other and putting on a white background where you write lyrics to your favorite song, or the reason why you love them and put it in a frame?

Know someone who loves to cook? Why not make a basket full of cooking supplies. Get a few recipe books on sale, go to the dollar store and stock up on spatulas, muffin bins, cute little casseroles. Make them really pretty with a bow or something, and put it in a basket. You can even go to Bulk & Barn and buy some spices or fun ingredients! It will cost you at most 20$ but the person will love it!

Check out groupon or tuango

They always have really great deals especially around the holidays! Spa, manicure/pedicure coupons, gift cards and so much more. Check it out, you’re sure to find something for sure!


Probably not the most original idea, but some people really love them! I was thrilled when my husband got me coupons one year for Christmas. Free massage? A day of doing what I want? Having dibs on which movie to watch? I made those babies last for months! And I’m sure your mom will love them if you give them a coupon of “fun filled activity with your favorite child for the whole day”!