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Talking to someone new can be daunting. After all, first impressions are hard, and they can be even harder if tells such as body language or tone aren’t involved. So, if you are trying to talk to a new girl through just words, how can you take her breath away?

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Have an Interesting Opening Line

If you are aiming to catch a college girl’s eye, it’s essential to have an interesting conversation starter. Just throwing out a “Hey!” or “What’s up?” isn’t going to make the message seem any different from any other words that she’s getting.

Instead, begin with a unique piece of conversation. For the use of dating apps, pay attention to her profile pictures and bio. Is there something interesting that you can ask? A common to discuss?

When texting someone you’ve met in class, use something from that lecture to kick the conversation off. For instance, ask her about the description covered in class and guide the discussion from there. Maybe even ask her.

If you can’t think of anything, try some of these quirky openers;

  • What’s your favorite movie quote?
  • How would you survive the apocalypse?
  • What fictional character are you most like?
  • What’s the best comeback you’ve ever had?
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Don’t Let the Conversation Get Dull

When transitioning into the main conversation, it’s important to be sure to steer away from dull topics — asking her about subjects like boring news stories, the weather, or any item that feels like a chore is a bad idea.

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Use Humor

If there is one fact you can rely on, this is the fact that everyone loves to laugh. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke when talking to her.

Don’t Come On Too Strong

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It’s crucial that you don’t come on too strong when first starting to talk to a girl. An appropriate compliment to get the conversation started but you don’t want to be invasive or make her uncomfortable. Sending several messages before she responds will probably annoy more than entice her. Even after talking to her for a while, don’t bore her with several words in a row if she’s unreceptive.

Be Appropriate

If there is one thing that almost all college girls are sick off, it’s unsolicited crude messages. Beginning right away with a strong innuendo or inappropriate letter might end your chance to impress immediately. You aren’t going to get anywhere by making her uneasy.

That being said, there is a time and place for flirtation. A good rule of thumb is to read the room. Gauge her reaction to the flirting. Start with something simple and see what she says or if she responds at all. When she seems receptive, it’s alright to start a flirty banter. If she looks uncomfortable or tries to change the subject, it’s best to follow her lead.

Use Proper Spelling

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When you are texting, it isn’t always necessary to follow grammar rules like you’re crafting an essay. However, it is a good idea to try to make sure your spelling is right. The same shorthand for everything used by teenagers isn’t quite as well received in exchanges between adults.

In the place of acronyms such as “lol,” don’t be afraid to use emojis instead. Again, though, these should be used in moderation.


Texting someone new can be intimidating, especially when trying to make an impression. At the basics, though, it calls for many of the same rules as meeting someone in person. Begin with a new starter, be appropriate, and be a little humorous and charismatic to keep things interesting. Add in a few text-specific rules such as proper spelling, and you’re set up for success.

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