Open for just a little over a year, the Harry Potter inspired bar in Montreal is still gathering a huge crowd. Lockhart, which is the name of the bar, is an inspired Harry Potter bar that’s sure to please all fans. The bar initially opened its doors on March 24th, 2017 and people are still as excited as when it first opened. Originally opened in Toronto, it was a huge hit that they decided to expand all the way to Montreal. That’s great news for Harry Potter fans all over Montreal. Ever since it’s opening in March 2017, the bar has been gathering a huge crowd.

just like a harry potter movie

Harry Potter fans will feel right at home at the Lockhart. The inspired looking decor will have you feeling like you’re in Hogwarts School. Everything in the bar is inspired by the series that was a huge hit for people around the world. You will literally feel like you stepped into a Harry Potter Museum as soon as you walk through the door.

potions & elixirs as a drink menu?

The decor isn’t the only thing that’s inspired by Harry Potter. Their drinks are also quite interesting. Instead of your regular drinks menu, Lockhart is offering something more special to its clients. With names like Pixie Dust and Blood Magic, clients will be able to tell that they’re definitely not in their regular bar. You’ll definitely want to get an Uber back home because Lockhart will have you try everything on the menu with their wide range of Harry Potter inspired drinks.


harry potter trivia night

Whoever said that bars were only for drinking never stepped foot in the Lockhart. Not only can you enjoy the decor and drinks that are Harry Potter inspired, but now you can also enjoy Trivia night! That’s right, Harry Potter Trivia Night! They recently came up with this concept not too long ago and started their very first Harry Potter Trivia night in October. What better month then Halloween month to launch a brand new Harry Potter event? This is a huge win for all Harry Potter fans because they get to test their Harry Potter knowledge. Which Harry Potter fan doesn’t always feel like bragging their knowledge to others? So all you Harry Potter fans, study hard and check out their website and Instagram page for regular updates on their trivia nights.



Instagram: @thelockhartbar