Who doesn’t love Halloween? You get to dress up as whatever you like, all you can eat candy and let’s not forget the horror movies? Who doesn’t love a good scary movie? Off course Halloween is also when the best parties are planned. People do tend to go all out when it comes to Halloween parties and Montreal is no different. Who can forget the Zombie Walk that happened downtown last year? You could still find “blood” stains weeks after in the streets. This year is promising to be INSANE with all the events that Montreal is hosting for Halloween. Honestly, you’ll have to pick and chose because you’ll want to be attending all of them. So, here’s all you need to know about Halloween events happening in Montreal this October:

Fright Fest at La Ronde

Every year in the month of October, La Ronde plans the most epic Halloween event. This year is no different. But, it looks like they went a little overboard and took the fear level to an all new high. Creepy Clowns, Chainsaw Massacres and Zombies are just some of the things you will encounter during the Fright Fest.

Website: www.laronde.com

When? Every Saturday and Sunday until October 28th

Note: Not for kids 12 and under. After 6 pm, La Ronde is invaded by scary creatures.

Montreal halloween thriller 2018

The biggest event everyone is talking about. The Cinq Nightclub will be hosting the biggest Halloween Party in Montreal. So huge that it’s happening for two nights! Halloween Themed Drinks, best costumes, and amazing DJ are on the menu. Get out those great costumes and make sure to be there for a party you don’t want to miss out on!

Website: www.lecinqmontreal.com

When? Saturday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 31st

haunted Montreal ghost tours

Montreal has its fare share of ghost stories to tell. With a city that’s over 350 years old, Montreal has seen some scary things over the last centuries. Haunted Montreal Ghost Tour is doing 3 Montreal tours: Griffintown, Mount Royal and Downtown. Each has scary stories to tell from haunted hospitals to a haunted hotel to ghost wondering on the mountain. All of the Ghost Tours are guided by a host who will take you in the scariest parts of town and tell you all about the scary stories that happened in the city.

Website: www.hauntedmontreal.com

When? October 20-25-27-30-31 and November 3rd

zombie walk

Yes, it’s happening again! In case you missed it last year, here’s your chance to make up for it. This is the perfect place where you can show your creativity and have fun with your undead costumes. This year’s event is expected to be another success so make sure you join all the other thousands of people who are sure to show up in the walk of the undead.

Website: www.montrealzombiewalk.com

When? Saturday, October 27th

the rocky horror picture show

Looking for a place where you can see all the classic horror movies with a touch of live performance? Look no further! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is screening the classic cult horror movie that is the KING to all horror movies! Trust me, this is an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Website: www.rockyhorrormontreal.com

When? October 26-27-31

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