Jardin Botanique is launching their light show again this year and this is an event you don’t want to miss out on. Famous for putting on a light show like no other, the Gardens of Light is sure to impress again this year. The event is expected to last until the end of October. Make sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time if you haven’t already. Here’s everything you need to know about the show.

The Gardens

The Botanical Garden’s three cultural gardens will be taking part in the light show this year: the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the First Nations Garden. Each garden gives a different perspective of nature.

Chinese garden

With water playing such an important role in China, it’s no wonder that it will play an essential part in the Gardens of Light show this year. As you walk around the water, a fishing story will be told by Espace pour la vie. The traditional fishing tale of He Luo Yu which is a fish with one head and ten bodies will take you on a wondrous journey as you enjoy the light show.

Japanese garden

The change of seasons and how it affects nature is something that the Japanese pay close attention to. Therefore,  the light show will be focusing on the different colors of the plants. Fall is the season of colors changing. While you stroll in the Japanese Garden, you’ll notice how the lights reveal the different colors of nature.

first nations garden

Participating again in the Gardens of Light show, the First Nations Garden is there to impress. To represent the Circle of Light, they’re be illuminating the Sacred Tree with different colors all more beautiful than the other. With Mother Earth’s beating heart playing in the background, a fire will be projected throughout the garden. You’ll definitely feel the spirits of the earth around you as you take a walk in the garden.

Additional Information

The Gardens of Light is probably one of the most popular activities during fall in Montreal. It’s gathered quite an entourage and attracted a record number of visitors over the last few years. Therefore, Jardin Botanique has decided to make things a little different this year. Instead of selling tickets and people deciding to go whenever they want, they are selling tickets per time slot. This means that when you purchase your ticket, it’s only good for that scheduled time slot. You will still have access to the Jardin and Insectarium for the whole day. However, you will need to arrive at the time of your time slot to see the Gardens of Light. If you miss your time, unfortunately, you will not be granted admission to the Gardens of Light. Make sure to purchase your tickets online and check out the Gardens of Light show this year. You won’t regret it.

For purchase of tickets and additional information, visit their website @espacepourlavie.ca