First Dates are often very stressful. Where to go? What to do? What to wear? And of course: what to say and not say? Everyone knows that there are certain topics that you don’t mention on a first date. But there are some topics that can be tricky. Although it’s great to start off on the same page and you want to make sure that there’s a connection from the very beginning, you don’t want to start off too strong either. The worst thing you want to do on a first date is come off strong and scare the other person. You want to keep the first date light and fun. So here’s a list of the first date do’s and don’ts that can serve as a guide:

1. DON’T talk about the ex-factor

Need I say that no wants to hear about the last person you were dating? Stay focused on the present and your CURRENT date.

2. DO listen

What’s worst on a first date is when you have to repeat yourself because he/she was not listening. Same goes for the other way around. Pay attention!

3. DON’T drink too much

Don’t be the person who ends up drunk on the first date.

4. DON’T be on your phone

Get off your phone and pay attention! Don’t feel the need to Instagram or Snapchat every moment.

5. DON’T talk about the future (marriage, kids, etc.)

Don’t be the person who starts planning their wedding and their kid’s names on the first date.



6. DO keep the conversation light

Keep conversations simple and easy. Talk about points you have in common or a recent movie/tv show you watched. Don’t go into serious conversations about religious and political views just yet.

7. DO act interested by asking questions

The best part about a first date is getting to know the other person. So ask questions, get to know them. It will make them feel like you’re interested and give you better chances at a second date.

8. DON’T talk about your problems

Don’t turn your first date into a therapy session or a time where you can vent out all your problems. We all have problems in our lives, but we don’t want to start sharing them with everyone, especially on a first date.

9. DO stay true to yourself

While we all want to impress the other person on a first date, don’t become one of those dates that agree with everything the other person says. It’s okay to have your own opinion and not agree on every single topic. Don’t get me wrong, don’t start a debate about who’s right or wrong. But stay true to yourself. If the other person is outdoorsy and you’re not, that’s fine. Doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good time.

10. DO stay positive

Not all first dates are perfect. There’s bound to be a hiccup somewhere. Maybe you planned an outdoor activity and it starts raining? Or the restaurant you wanted to go to is closed or doesn’t have space? Don’t let that discourage you. Come up with a plan b. Don’t turn sour because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Do you really want to give your first date an impression that when things don’t go well you become bitter?