With Christmas just around the corner (less than a month away!), Place Bonaventure is hosting events almost every weekend to help you with your Christmas shopping. What better way of showing your loved ones you care than by getting them something unique and special. In just a few days, Place Bonaventure will be opening its doors to the Salon des Métiers d’Arts du Québec (SMAQ). One of the best things about Salon des Métiers d’Arts is that all their products are made by local artists. They are exposing arts and craftsman from artists all over Quebec so you can see and appreciate local art. Therefore, you’re not only getting something original and one of a kind, but you’re also supporting local artists which are great for Quebec’s economy.

When is it happening?

December 6th to December 16th, 2018

Monday to Saturday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sundays: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

How much does it cost?

FREE!!! (You heard me)

Where is it happening?

Place Bonaventure

Your best bet is to take the metro since there’s metro Bonaventure that brings you there directly. Otherwise, if you want to drive, they do offer to park at Place Bonaventure, but it is pricey, especially on weekends.

Can I purchase anything?

Of course! The whole point of SMAQ is to support local artists by exposing their arts and encouraging people to buy it! So bring out your wallet because we’re sure you’ll find something for the whole family! Keep in mind though that since the products are made by local artists, the prices are a bit higher then what you would purchase at a regular store. However, even though prices are higher, you’re sure to find something original and unique that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere.

Will there be any special events this year?

  • Award Ceremony: Every year, the SMAQ gives out rewards to artists who demonstrated originality and expertise in their art.
  • Teaching Workshops
  • Quebec Blacksmithing exhibition: From Nouvelle-France to Video Games
  • Exhibitors from France
  • Economuseum: Perpetuating Know-How
  • The Guild: Guest of Honor

How many exhibitors will be there this year?

Over 300 exhibitors will be exposing their arts this year at the SMAQ.

314 to be exact.


For more information about Salon des Métiers d’Arts du Québec and the full list of artists, make sure to visit their website @ www.metiersdart.ca