Montreal is once again doing their most popular food festival: MTLàTable! This year will mark the seventh year that MTLàTable is happening and it promises to be another success. Montrealers love to eat and we’re famous for having food from different parts of the world. With the huge immigrant population that we have and of course with our love of food, it’s no surprise that we have one of the best food festivals. Cuisine from all around the world that makes us taste a little bit of everything, MTLàTable has been a huge success ever since it started seven years ago. So here’s everything you need to know about the event.

When is it happening?

It’s already started! It officially launched on November 1st and it’s running until November 11th. That’s 11 days of food heaven that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

What restaurants are participating?

Over 150 restaurants are participating this year all across Montreal. You can find the complete list of participating restaurants on their website

Where is it happening?

All participating restaurants are located all throughout the city: downtown, Old Montreal, Little Italy, Mile-End, NDG… There’s bound to be a participating restaurant no matter where you’re located in Montreal.

How much does it cost?

The event has put in place four price points: 23$, 33$, 43$ and 73$. They also have a brunch menu priced at 17$.

How can I reserve?

Really easy! Just go on their website and chose your date, price point, and location. You can even choose the type of food you want (Italian, Mexican, Asian…). Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll get results based on your search criteria. You can view the menu by clicking on the restaurants. If you see one you like, you just click reserve. It should bring you directly to the website of the restaurant so you can make the reservation directly through their site. Make sure to specify it’s for the MTLàTable menu so they can prepare the menu ahead of time. If you need to cancel, it’s strongly recommended that you cancel 48 hours in advance since menus are limited.

What is the Cacao Barry Challenge?

The Cacao Barry Challenge is a challenge that’s organized by MTLàTable where restaurants can come up with their most creative ideas for desserts. 15 restaurants made the cut with their original and well-balanced recipes. You can view the list of the restaurants that won on the MTLàTable website and make sure to add them to your list if you’re a fan of all things sweet!


For more information about MTLàTable and the list of all participating restaurants, visit their website