Winter has officially kicked in and with it, winter activities. Although Montreal’s Six Flags La Ronde closes its doors during the cold winter months, Parc Jean-Drapeau is still in business. And with it, one of the most popular winter events in Montreal: Fête des Neiges! Each year, the event brings in thousands of visitors who are looking to have a fun unique winter experience!

Whoever said Fête des Neiges is only for kids has obviously never been. Yes, it’s definitely more focussed around family friendly kid activities. However, there are still plenty of activities to do if you don’t have kids and just want to enjoy fun winter activities. Fête des Neiges definitely brings out the kid in you, that’s for sure! There are tons of activities to do that are sure to keep you busy for a fun filled winter day! So, here’s all the 4-1-1 on Fête des Neiges that is taking place all through January and February!

When does it start?

It’s your lucky day because Fête des Neiges has already started!

It officially started as of January 19th and runs all through February 10th. Fête des Neiges runs for a complete period of 4 weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where does it take place?

At Parc Jean-Drapeau

How much do tickets cost?

Entrance to the event is free. All activities are free except for Frosty slides and Dogsledding.

Frosty Slides: 8$/pers.

Dogsledding: 16$/pers.

What is the best way to get there?

There is parking available on site, however you have to pay and it tends to get really busy. The best and cheapest way would be via metro. You can get off at the station Parc Jean-Drapeau on the yellow line. From there, you can easily walk to the event.

Parking: 20$

What are some of the activities that are scheduled to take place?

  • Ice Sculpting at the Cirque du Soleil Alegria Kingdom
  • La Boulathèque (shows for kids and adults to keep you moving and stay warm)
  • Passe-Partout Karaoke
  • Zone Les Films Séville
  • Frosty Slides
  • Dogsledding

*For more information about the schedule of the activities and the purchase of tickets, make sure to visit the Fête des Neiges website @