Valentine’s Day is always a great day. Especially if you’re a new couple. It means that you finally have someone to celebrate it with. However, as a new couple, if this is your first Valentine’s Day, there are some rules. You don’t want to go overboard or completely skip it all together. If you’ve been dating for under 2 months, then you’re still considered a “new couple”. And although you’re excited about spending your first Valentine’s Day together, you don’t want to make it something too big. You want to stay in the safe zone. But what is the safe zone? What is the middle ground? Don’t worry. We’ve got some basic rules that if you follow, we promise you’ll be good!

DON’T skip it all together

You still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So don’t just completely ignore it like it doesn’t exist. That’s the worst thing you can do.

DON’T go to an overpriced restaurant

It’s okay to want to make a good impression on your first Valentine’s Day. But don’t go to an expensive restaurant. You know the ones people go to if they want to propose or celebrate something important. Obviously don’t go to a fast food restaurant or something standard. Go somewhere nice. Just nothing extravagant.

DO buy each other presents

Whether it’s just a simple Valentine’s Day card, or flowers and chocolate, definitely buy each other a little something. Just because you haven’t been dating long doesn’t mean you can’t exchange presents. Just keep it small.

DON’T buy her jewelry

Jewelry is something very personal and intimate. You don’t want to come off to strong by buying the other person a piece of jewelry. It’s usually a sign of commitment. If you want to do something different than the standard chocolate and flowers, you can always buy candles, books or a little gift bag with scented creams… There are tons of possible options.

DO go out for dinner

As mentioned before, you can definitely take the person out to the restaurant. Just nothing over top. But definitely do go out for dinner. It will show that you at least put some thought into it and will make it look like you made an effort than just going to your usual hangout spot.

DON’T make it a group date

Definitely don’t. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic. So don’t make it into a group hangout thing. Even if you’re going to the restaurant with your favorite couple. Keep it intimate. Even if you’re a new couple, it’s the perfect occasion to show your romantic side. Keep double date and group dates for another time. Valentine’s Day is about romance. So just keep it for the both of you.

DO surprise each other

Why not add the element of surprise in your night? Just because it’s your first Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to COMPLETELY be in the safe zone. You can still add a surprise or two in the night. Obviously nothing big like a weekend getaway or something. But small surprises. Like a surprise scavenger hunt. Or guessing game on where you’re going for dinner.

DO dress up

Don’t just make it another regular date where you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Do dress up a bit. I don’t mean put on a suit or tie or wearing a fancy cocktail dress. But make it look like you put a bit of effort in your appearance. Put on that cute little dress that’s just the right amount of casual and dressy. Or guys, put on your nice jeans with a dress shirt. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s the perfect occasion to show your fashion sense.