• With technology being what it is today and having an app on your phone for pretty much everything, why not trust the internet when it comes to matters of the heart? Online dating has basically become the new way of dating. The new generation no longer wants or has time to go and find a potential love interest. Digital technology has made dating easier for romantic hopefuls who are looking for long lasting relationships. But here’s the big question: Does online dating really work?

The Internet is making it easy to find love

With datting apps like match.com Tinder & Pof, eHarmony, the internet has made finding the perfect match easy for everyone. People no longer have to go through the hassle of going out and finding “the one” only to find out weeks or months down the road that they’re not compatible due to too many differences. All the time that was invested in that relationship was useless. That’s why more and more people are turning to online dating. By entering data such as interests, values, plans for the future and so forth, online dating companies will be able to find someone with similar aspects to create a potential match. The rest is up to you if you wish to move forward or not. So why can’t online dating work?

Statistics don’t lie

Statistics show that more and more people are putting their trust into online dating when it comes to their love life. More than one-third of marriages are the result of online dating. So, if that isn’t enough proof that it actually works, not sure what is. Before the era of online dating, people depended on being set-up by friends and colleagues, or sometimes it was the accidental encounter that turned into something more. However, the results weren’t always successful because like I mentioned earlier, the more you got to know the person, the more you found out about the different aspects of their life that weren’t always compatible with yours.

Your Personal Matchmaker

That’s why online dating is a huge success. It ensures from the very beginning that the people you are being matched with will be compatible with you. They have experts who review each data entered and make it their mission to find the perfect person that you will have the most success within a romantic relationship. Basically, online dating is your own personal matchmaker and you can rest assured that by putting your trust into them, you could be one step away from your happily ever after.