Although cannabis became officially legal throughout Canada on October 17th, the same can’t be said for the United States. There are only 9 American states and Washington D.C. that have legalized marijuana. And it doesn’t look like any other U.S. states will be legalizing cannabis anytime soon. USA doesn’t seem to be approving Canada’s new law about legalizing cannabis. In fact, they have even announced that when Canadians are crossing the border to the USA and if they admit having smoked marijuana, they could not only be refused entry but could also get a life ban from the United States. A little bit much? You would think so, but it doesn’t look like they are kidding.

tensions between canada and the usa

It’s pretty obvious that ever since Trump was elected in 2016, there would be tension between Canada and USA. Nobody was expecting there to be a bromance like there was between PM Trudeau and former President Obama. Canada and USA always had a pretty strong alliance throughout the years with being neighbors and all.

However, no bond was stronger than when both Justin Trudeau and Barak Obama were respectfully ruling over Canada and the USA. Unfortunately when Obama’s time came up and Trump was elected, we all new a chance at a bromance between those two was far-fetched.

Although our Prime Minister always remained respectful, same can’t be said with Trump. He’s been vocal on more than one occasion about how he disapproves of Canada. Politics aside, it’s clearly obvious that there is tension between both countries. USA announced that they could be putting life bans for Canadians to enter USA if they have smoked marijuana doesn’t look like it’s helping the situation.

this is the u.s. law

Although Canada has legalized marijuana throughout the country, the same is not the case for USA. Under the U.S. federal law, marijuana remains illegal. Therefore, one can understand that you can’t enter the country should you have marijuana in your possession. Even if you are entering a US state where cannabis is legal, you are still not allowed to have it in your possession. For example, if you are traveling from Vancouver to the state of Washington where marijuana is legal, you will be banned entry if you have marijuana in your possession. Your best option would be to purchase marijuana directly from Washington. However, that might not even be possible.

Asking foreigners who are requesting entry to the United States if they have used marijuana is entirely up to the discretion of border agents. The US has every right to ask Canadians who are requesting entry if they have used marijuana. However, it is also Canadians right to refuse to answer. Although refusing to answer will ban them entry for that day, it will not be a permanent ban.

canada has already warned its residents

The Canadian government has previously warned its residents that although cannabis is now legal in the country, it still remains illegal in most. Therefore, when they are traveling, it’s important that they look at the laws of that country. Otherwise, if they admit to having used cannabis or have it in their possession, they could be banned from entering.

if banned, you could still apply for a waiver

Canadians who have been banned entry from the U.S. could still apply for a temporary waiver. The waiver costs over 500$ and there is no guarantee that it will be approved. Although there’s a chance that the waiver could be approved, their visa-free travel access would be permanently revoked under the current immigration law.

Make sure to be aware of the usa law. Otherwise, you could be asked to turn around. and could get a potential ban from ever entering the us.