Canada Post has announced that they are still continuing their strike. That means even more delays in getting our mail. After yet another meeting that took place on Sunday evening to go over negotiations, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has announced that they will continue their strike.

affected cities and timeline

After negotiations failed to be reached on Sunday evening, Canada Post will continue its strike. Not all cities across Canada are affected during the strike. So far, only Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, Halifax, and Toronto have been targeted. The strike started on Monday at 12:01 am in Victoria, Edmonton, and Windsor and lasted for a total of 24 hours. In Halifax, it started at 1:01 am and also lasted 24 hours. It moved all the way to Toronto on Tuesday at 12:01 am. All strikes are lasting for only 24 hours.

Rotating strikes

Strikes are being done as a rotation so as not to affect too many parcels and the residents of Canada. CUPW said that with rotating strikes, new cities are being targeted daily. No announcements are made on which cities will be targeted next. The locations in which the strikes are taking place is chosen by the union’s senior leadership. How will this affect your deliveries? According to Canada Post, all mail and parcels are not being picked up in the affected cities. That means that if you live in Edmonton for example and you were expecting to get something delivered via Canada Post on Monday, then you probably only got in on Tuesday.

what do the workers want?

You’re probably not the only one wondering why Canada Post is still on strike. What seems to be so hard that their demands are still not being met? Well, it’s nothing too crazy and seems like a pretty simple request if you think about it. Mike Palecek, CPUW National President said in a statement released to media: “Our goal has always been a negotiated settlement, but we will not agree to anything that doesn’t address health and safety, gender equality and good, full-time middle-class jobs”. Nothing too demanding.

So why is Canada Post still refusing to come up with an agreement that will put an end to the strike that is affecting Canadians? CUPW had given Canada Post until the end of the weekend (Oct. 21st)  to come up with an agreement and avoid another strike. Unfortunately, nothing was done therefore the strike is still taking place. Palecek mentioned in another statement that instead of coming up with an agreement that can avoid a strike, Canada Post has yet again for almost a year refused to talk about issues that really matter to the members of CUPW.

Unfortunately, it looks like the strike will still continue to last for a while. So, if you have anything that needs to be delivered or is expecting something, you might want to start thinking about other providers.