Netflix revealed that a record-breaking 45 million subscribers watched the post-apocalyptic thriller in its first week of release. Nielsen also confirms that 26 million US subscribers watched the movie in the same seven-day period.

A Success From The Beginning

Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier will not rule out a sequel to Netflix’s hit post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box. It has been less than a month since the film debuted on Netflix, and it has been a massive success for the streaming juggernaut. The movie managed to attract over 45 million viewers in its first week. The film’s ending does leave room for more to tell. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if Netflix decided to announce a sequel.

Based off Josh Malerman’s debut novel, the movie centers on unseen creatures that are causing mass suicides in society by appearing as the victims’ worst fears or regrets. To avoid this, those that have survived are facing everyday life blindfolded in order to remain alive. The film flashes between two periods. First showing the outbreak’s initial effects, and then shifting over to Malorie, the film’s protagonist, as she struggles to keep her children alive. While there has yet to be an official announcement regarding a sequel, Bier has addressed those that are asking for one.

Possibility Of A Sequel?

During an interview with People Magazine, Bier didn’t rule out the chances for a follow-up to the film. Bier states she has seen individuals begging for more, which she finds amusing. Since the film’s release was so recent, she feels it is best to just enjoy what was already put out and remain patient in regard to future plans. When asked about the potential sequel, Bier said:

“We only just finished it! It’s funny, I’m kind of reading people asking for a sequel and I’m like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, we really just finished!’ So let’s just enjoy it for now.”

A warning from Netflix against the dangerous social media challenge inspired by its recent thriller Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, apparently isn’t deterring participants

Answer To Unanswered Questions

A sequel to Bird Box could allow several unanswered questions to be explored. But it could also mean a potential reveal of the unseen entities. Which were originally featured in a scene that was ultimately cut. Staying consistent with the mostly hopeful endings in her filmography, Bird Box alters Malerman’s novel slightly. However, it also allows audiences to see that a specific group of people could have the advantage if a situation like this were to ever occur. Adding to that, a sequel would mean a possible explanation for why the creatures are there in this first place. Also, it would further explain if there is a way to defeat them.

Bird Box continues to be a hit for Netflix. A follow-up film would certainly receive a lot of attention if it were to get an official green light. That said, Bier appears to be in no hurry to pick up with another entry just yet. Luckily, she has not flat out denied the possibility of further exploring the post-alien invaded world. Until then, fans of the film can continue to theorize the film’s many mysteries. At the same time, they can figure out what might be the best direction to take for a sequel.