Calling out all sushi lovers in Montreal! If you love sushi (because who doesn’t love sushi?) then you’ve come to the right place. Montreal is home to great restaurants which is great for a big foodie like me. With people from so many different nationalities, the city is exploding with different flavors when it comes to food. Italian, middle eastern, Brazilian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and so much more. It’s great because we get to try out and fall in love with food from different countries.

Sushi has become extremely popular in Montreal. It looks like Montrealer’s can’t get enough of this Japanese treasure so we now have a huge number of sushi restaurants to chose from. Which is great because when we’re feeling like getting our sushi fix, we have a wide range of restaurants to chose from. So here are the best sushi places in Montreal that you need to try out ASAP.

restaurant park

Definitely one of the most popular sushi spots in Montreal. Known for the Asian fusion cuisine, Park has made a name for itself as a hot spot when it comes to sushi restaurants. It’s more expensive than your regular sushi place but definitely worth the price. Every sushi bite will have you coming back for more.

Address: 378 Victoria Ave, Westmount



tri express

With multiple locations in Montreal, the one you want to go to is on the Plateau. Their walls are filled with pictures of celebrities so right away you know it’s a worthy choice. With a unique decoration and of course a huge selection of different sushi, it’s no wonder it’s gathered an entourage of famous people.

Address: 1650 rue Laurier E., Montreal


Kazumi’s chef has built himself a strong reputation with his love of lobster and edible flowers. This exquisite sushi restaurant will have you coming back for all your social events with their great sushi flavors and their work of art sushi plating.

Address: 6394 rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal

jun i

Jun I is the king of all sushi restaurants in Montreal. With their constant (and extremely rare) 5-star reviews since 2005, Jun I has a solid reputation when it comes to sushi. One would think that after being open for so long they would eventually start going downhill with all the new sushi restaurants opening up. But no, they have managed to not only stay in the game but lead it.

Address: 156 av. Laurier Ouest, Montreal


This is the perfect place for people who want to try everything that sushi has to offer. From salmon to white tuna to eel, their menu has a little of everything. New to the sushi world and not sure what you like? Kyo is the perfect place because they offer a huge selection of sushi.

Address: 711 Côte de la Place D’Armes, Montreal

Sushi poké

With a great selection of exotic sushi, Sushi Poké is definitely a fan favorite. Offering a wide range of sushi choices all looking more mouth-watering than the other, you won’t know which one to chose from!

Address: 2045 rue Bélanger, Montreal


Sushi shop

Sushi Shop has definitely stepped up a notch to be able to stay in competition with all the other great sushi restaurants opening up. Their menu did a complete 360 a few years ago and they have brought new flavors and new items to their menu which definitely keeps them in the game.

bako sushi

Fresh ingredients with a big selection of sushi to choose from, Bako Sushi has become quite the popular spot in Montreal. Their gastronomic menu is very popular in Japan and the Chefs at Bako Sushi have brought their secret ingredients with them to introduce it to Montreal. This is definitely one place you want to check out to get an experience like no other.

Address: 4326 Rue Bélanger, Montreal