Who doesn’t love a good donut? You don’t have to be Homer Simpson to enjoy donuts (it’s okay, we won’t tell!). Montreal, just like everything else, offers great options for all you donut lovers! So make sure to take down these names for the next time you have a donut craving. They’re sure to come in handy!

Trou de Beigne

If you haven’t been at Trou de Beigne yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing! They offer a huge option of donuts! From more then fifty different donut variations, you will feel like you stepped into a donut world! You’ll definitely have a hard time choosing a donut all the different options they offer!

Address: 156 Saint-Zotique, Montreal

Website: www.troudebeigne.com


Another great donut place is DoughNats. They also offer a huge variation of donuts and what’s great about this place is that they also offer vegan options. So you can enjoy donuts even if you’re vegan!

Address: 5325 Decarie Blvd, Montreal

Website: www.doughnats.com

Chez Tousignant

Although donuts are not their specialty, they are quite popular and have created a strong reputation for them! These freshly baked donuts create a huge line-up at the takeout counter on a daily basis! Make sure to check out Chez Tousignant if you want to know what all the fuss is about!

Address: 6956 Drolet, Montreal

Website: www.cheztousignant.com

Samos Bakery

Opened for over 60 years, Samos has created itself a strong reputation. Their classic old fashioned donuts are still as good as ever and a lot of Montrealers swear by them!

Address: 201 Beaubien East, Montreal

La Cornetteria

This Italian Bakery is known for its famous Italian donuts. These “Cronuts” are to die for! You can find everything from Nutella to strawberry and off course a more traditional custard-filled donuts.

Address: 6528 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Website: www.lacornetteria.com

Léché Desserts

This amazing pastry offers a crazy amount of variations when it comes to donuts! Sky is pretty much the limit as far as they are concerned. You want S’mores on your donuts? They got you covered? Craving bacon? Try their maple bacon covered donut! Their variations are insane! There’s nothing they can’t do.

Address: 640 rue de Courcelle, Montreal

Website: www.lechedesserts.com

Petit Lapin

Vegan, organic, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut free donuts? Yes it’s possible! This cute little pastry shop located in Westmount hits the mark on all those factors! These hand crafted donuts are so cute that you won’t even want to eat them because they are so beautifully decorated!

Address: 342 Ave. Victoria, Westmount

Website: www.patisseriepetitlapin.com